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Sidewalk. They just go just from the curb but then they stop or there's absolutely no sidewalk or there's no path that goes to the front door and when there's no water way that home is starved or dying of thirst that pathways your waterway of income. So many times will find people that you see houses older houses that are like that and you see them just deteriorate if the house is really old this might have been fine years ago when the house was built but each year as the House ages. Anyone who lives in the house will see their finances diminish as well as health problems growing. Now how do you correct that? You've got to add a new front sidewalk and the more permanent. The sidewalk is like a poured concrete. The better it is type of walkway because it will help bring more water chee to the front door more quickly and that will mean that. Your House won't be starving anymore for energy that water flow. Remember we've got to create that now you can do some. I've seen a lot of houses recently. That are they're doing these Pathways where they have Like crushed stone or crushed granite and they have big Flagstone pavers and I will tell you that while that might look Nice architecturally it's not good functions way and the reason. Why is you want a a solid unbroken smooth path from the street or your driveway to your front door? This creates the smooth and flowing energy. So if you would imagine. The difference between a smooth will conduct water more than a broken sidewalk made of discrete. An independent pavers right. So if you're Put Water on this payers. They would just go off the sides and into the gravel or something like that so while those look really pretty in the very contemporary looking and all that good stuff. It's not good if you WANNA have more money and you want to add more income opportunities. Now let's talk about the afflicted House. Pathway now this house may have a walkway that is too small. It might be old. It can be cracked or crumbling or lifted from tree roots or something like that and that means that the quality of the Energy. That's going to the house and the opportunity and money is deteriorating to whenever a sidewalk is cracked or crumbling or broken or shifts it disrupts its ability to deliver water energy or CI to the front door cutting off income and opportunity and making the quality of opportunity and income decline over steadily over time. So we WANNA make sure that the walkway to our front door is in good condition. And that it delivers chee to our door smoothly and auspiciously. I think anyone listening to this would agree with me that when you walk up to a home and you walk on a really nice pathway to the front door there is a special feeling about that and when you see a home and you drive through neighborhood and you see homes with you know pretty winding pathways and pretty sidewalks plantings and flowers. It just is appealing and that brings that that beauty that it has beauty brings money. So when you have a beautiful home or a beautiful Sidewalk and beautiful curb. Appeal to your home even if you have a simple house if you have beautiful curb appeal and it's neat and tidy and And it's flowing and it's it looks pretty It's amazing what that can do for your life and for your home all right. Well we are here at the end of this episode as always here on my three tips always trying to make your walkways auspicious looking and attractive with plants and other landscaping elements tip number to do what you can to create smooth winding and curbing solid pathways. These delivered the most beneficial and they deliver chee the most regularly. Those broken has are not a good idea Another great tip number three is to add lighting two pathways. This encourages more Yang Energy to enter your home. It's more specials. Lighting is always auspicious. So if you want to add more Admiral Energy to your home especially if you have one of those houses where you have a sidewalk with a goes around to the side of the House and you have a side entry to your home. This is really key that you do plantings go along that sidewalk and that you add lighting that says hey ci come this way to the front door and that means hey money come this way. All right there you go. There are My suggestions for your your pathway to wealth Make sure that your your front door is a conduit for accepting money income and opportunity as well as great energy in Your Life. Have a terrific week. Thank you so much for being on five minute. Functionally and listening. I was great talking to you. Thanks for listening to five minute punctuate. Today you're the rat is coming. WanNa share with you where you can find money. Love an opportunity twenty twenty and it's all in my annual funk's wave forecast the success pack. 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