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Identified as non-citizens had voter registrations. Fifty eight thousand of them voted in one or more, Texas elections. When attorney general Ken Paxton led the state's investigation. He noted that Texas had already found one hundred and sixty five non citizens and four counties who had cast one hundred illegal votes in two years. But wait. Is an all this stuff about noncitizens voting. A lotta bull. What Trump appointed a voter fraud commissioned in two thousand seventeen Democrats and the press howled in protest short Trump, almost certainly exaggerated the number of non-citizen voters, but in response time magazine declared that we quote, no that ineligible. Non-citizens do not vote in American elections, unquote, vox dot com. The explanatory news site derided Trump as quote indulging, the long standing myth of the non-citizen voter Harvard. Researchers said there's no evidence that non-citizens vote less than a year after he put it together. Trump disbanded his commission not because it didn't find anything. But because it faced a few Salat of lawsuits and stonewalling from state election officials. Of course, if you're not looking for evidence of noncitizens voting, you're not likely to find any right? And it turns out that for the most part. Nobody's looking very hard. Because whenever anyone does look what they find. As Texas did is plenty of evidence that people who aren't US citizens are casting ballots. After the two thousand sixteen elections, Ohio secretary state Jon Husted found eight hundred and twenty one non citizens registered to vote in the state one hundred twenty six voted in two thousand sixteen or earlier elections. H one thousand thirteen analysis of voter registration by now side group, not the state government found one thousand forty six non-citizens registered in Virginia. A twenty eleven study found twelve thousand non-citizens registered to vote in Colorado five thousand of whom did so in the twenty mid-term elections. Amazingly, the entire only citizens can register the vote protection is largely based on the honor system. Even in Texas. The state does not require verification of a voter statement that their citizens. Now after claiming this problem doesn't exist at all left says it doesn't matter because it's not widespread. But this is a clever dodge election fraud doesn't have to be widespread to be effective. In fact, the very purpose of election fraud is to flip extremely close elections that doesn't take widespread voter fraud just carefully targeted efforts. For example, in the twenty eight election in Minnesota the now disgraced out Franken won by a tiny three hundred and twelve oaks margin. His victory gave Senate Democrats filibuster-proof majority, which let them pass ObamaCare. One study found that non citizen voting in the election could have decided the outcome. The two thousand eighteen midterms featuring unusually large number racist decided by a relative handful of votes. What's more noncitizens voting is only one of the ways that ballot integrity is being eroded, mainly by efforts on the left to make voting easier. As the Texas attorney general points out. There are also concerns about mail in ballot application fraud unlawful influencing voters and a lawful mail ballot collection by voter harvesters. I tell you. What explains Democrats indifference to these kinds of voter fraud? Aren't they always Channing about how every vote counts will every fraudulent ballot cancels out a legitimate one. So the threshold for dealing with voter fraud can't be when it's widespread everyone should have zero tolerance. Now, the most likely explanation for Democrats in differences that they benefit from sloppy enforcement of election laws. Now, the editorial page recently pointed out that several house elections in California could've flipped. From red to blue thanks to these sorts of fraudulent efforts and California. Election officials seem clueless or utterly indifferent to whether non-citizens are voting in state elections. I actually think it's worse. I think they. They like it..

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