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He's finishing touches are being made to Joe Biden's first joint address to Congress. He's expected to pitch them on what he calls a sweeping family plan. Ah $1.8, trillion investment and Children, families and higher education. It's the third massive package being pushed by the president in the past three months. Get it done and how much of what's been rolled out in these 1st 100 days. Are you on board with we're taking your calls and comments are numbers 8552361 a one A or you can tweet us at one egg. Live from NPR news on Korver Coleman President Biden will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress tonight. NPR's Cory Turner says bye and is expected to promote his American families plan calling for a massive investment in Children and their education. Call with reporters, Senior administration officials laid out a handful of proposals so ambitious and expensive that in previous years, any one of them would have turned heads. For example, the plan calls for $225 billion to help low and middle income families pay for childcare for the nation's three and four year olds. The plan calls for a $200 billion investment to help provide free universal preschool. And at the other end of learning curve. The plan calls for two years of free community College for all Americans, as well as a big bump in the Pell Grant award, which low income students can use to pay for college. Cory Turner NPR News Police in Northern California have released body Cam video of an arrest. A man died after being pinned to the ground for more than five minutes after scuffling with officers. It happened last week at a park in Alameda after police responded to a call about someone being drunk or disoriented. NPR's Jacqueline Diaz says the man who died was identified as 26 year old Mario consolidates. The video shows police attempting to handcuff Gonzales several minutes after first arriving on scene Officers struggled to restrain him. Eventually they get him face down on the ground, using arms and knees to keep him down. Gonzalez can be heard yelling. I didn't do anything wrong at times as he lays there. Five minutes later, Gonzalez suddenly goes quiet and his unresponsive police can be seen rolling him over and performing CPR. Didn't Alice was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Gonzalez. His family has accused the Alameda police of using excessive force and murder. The cause of his death is still under investigation, as are the events leading up to his death. Jacqueline Dia's NPR News. India's total death toll from Cupid 19 has crossed the 200,000 mark today. NPR's Lauren Frayer reports from them by the country is also setting world records for daily infections. India today confirmed more than 360,000 new infections, but the real number maybe many times that. Test kids have run out in many areas, so his medical oxygen India also confirmed nearly 3300 deaths. Today. It's the first time that daily toll has crossed the 3000 mark, even though that, too is likely an undercount. NPR's Lauren Frayer reporting In the U. S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have been vaccinated against Cove in 19 don't need to wear masks outdoors unless they're in crowded areas, The CDC says. That includes places such a shopping malls or houses of worship that air filled On Wall Street. The Dow was down about 100 points at 33,083. This is NPR news. It is 10 04 cloudy skies and 50 degrees. I'm Lisa Lobbies with WB easy news. City of Chicago plans to release video today from the fatal shooting. Police shooting of Anthony Alvarez. Chicago Police shot and killed Alvarez last month during a foot chase and the Portage Park neighborhood on the West Side. Alvarez was shot and killed just two days after a Chicago officer killed 13 year old Adam to Lehto. In a statement. Alvarez, his family said the release of the video is the beginning of a long process of healing and say they expect the videos will provoke a wide range of emotions. They've asked. People express themselves peacefully. A new law in Indiana will make it easier for sick Children who are covered by Medicaid to receive world class medical care closer to their own home. The law, signed by Governor Eric Holcomb this week reimburses out of state Pediatric hospital's at near the same levels. As in state hospitals. Republican State representative House Slager of share of ill kept trying to get the legislation passed after years of failed attempts. This is going to have such a dramatic impact on so many families, not just the northwest Indiana but especially in northwest India. Mm. Currently low income patients. Parents, rather of severely ill Children, who live far away from Indianapolis have to travel several hours to get. Pdf to pediatric hospitals there. Officials from Chicago, Komar and Laurie Children's hospitals in Chicago testified in favor of the change so families could travel a shorter distance to Chicago. Metro sounds more optimistic about Ryder's getting back on trains. The commuter rail agency plans to hire more than 100 workers in the coming months. It's getting ready for an expected increase in ridership, Metro says. Job openings include mechanics, electrician's coach cleaners, other positions, the agency will begin accepting online applications on May 3rd and hiring takes place through the fall. Another transit agencies. Metro's ridership took a dive because of the pandemic. A lot of commuters have been working from home, the agency said. Ridership was down as much as 90% at some points. Sports Cubs are in Atlanta tonight, while the White Sox host Detroit and the Bulls are playing the Knicks in New York. Ah, cloudy day. A little bit of rain a high of 52 right now. 50 I'm.

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