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You stop me we've talked about his stuff he's got a good sinking fast ball cap we're gonna go out and talk to her about it chance have a left hander warming up in their bullpen and I think that Sam Selman and the Sam Sam is going to be brought into this game joining a person is over eighteen because I just Austin hedges meanwhile grows over to first base to act as a pinch runner for Cronin with the six the Padres are leading sixty five and the Oliveras is coming up in the spot where all of the left handed batting Frenchy Cordero had been so the giants trailing sixty five Sam someone comes in and and gives us a chance to remind you about the world baseball classic the premier international baseball tournament featuring many of the world's greatest players qualifying rounds for the twenty twenty twenty one will baseball classic will take place this spring down in Tucson starting March thirteenth through the twenty fifth Bruce wrote you will be managing the team France down there although if you're nearby releases from H. Moser notice frogs if your son's going to France pretty soon anyway he is he is as a tribute to Bruce but she's savaging the Italian team from thought to thought it was because of the the player for the angels Paris whatever's name or no that's ridiculous so the qualifying rounds if if you want to see some of this international action without in the Tucson the March thirteenth through the twenty fifth the tickets are available and world baseball classic dot com I had the the great experience of broadcasting the first couple of.

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