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So home in a wife scott scott so it wasn't the mini what can many think in yeah yeah so anyway the lights change he pulled in front and then all of a sudden he put his winded on spot into the air it could just be spitting out the window i don't know where he was spending out but it was jimmy character esque or just to spit spit out so windy it could have blown back anyway i thought well it was strange so i said the stanley in the past just foam this done the stanley forgo small studies not even quote forward yeah so anyway we then gets the next traffic lights and you can turn you can turn right you can go on so this jam and left thought while this interested into the training ground of manchester united goals security and then the next is in to the actual training ground and you can go you have to go left this fellow who's going to munch sure go driven before you yeah yeah so i thought this is gonna interesting yeah this this could interesting so this gentleman then stopped and it was like a tight not all lane in the training grind so i had to pull outside of him so i stopped my car and put stanley's window down the passenger seat and said you're right because he is have on this point and they looked at me and he's gone well so it was you you are an absolute x y and set and you have goal you must have a small.

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