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And Furthermore, you look like you're twelve why would anyone ever higher twelve year old to cover the news? So basically beat it get lost. You have no shot. And he just ranted at me. And it was at that moment. I was like petrified. I'm sure I didn't say anything. I was just too shocked, but I hung up the phone, and I don't know if it was immediately. But soon thereafter is like, well, wait a minute. This guy doesn't know me. He doesn't know what I made of. And it kinda brought out resiliency in me, and frankly, maybe a resilient sated, no hack. I called him every day. And I'm I'm especially that I was really shy person. But there was just something like you. I wanna have a hearing. I want you to acknowledge I exist. So one of the things that I'm fascinated by is you just said, you're shy person. And you've talked a lot about being an introverted leader. And that's been a big inspiration to Danielle. And I because our team never believes this, but we're actually both really shy people. And I think the heart one of the hardest things in doing our jobs is. Being kind of putting yourself out there to constantly meet new people to be the face of your brand or be the leader that that rallies people. And what I'm asking to by as you know, we always say we were producers for reason like it was hard for us. We didn't want to be on camera. But like you actually wanted you were trying to get a reporter job. So how do you reconcile the shyness in you to kind of aggressively pursuing role? It's a great question. I had no idea that I'd actually have to perform do that in front of the camera. Honestly back then I think I thought there were only two jobs in television, you either in front of the camera or the camera person. I had no idea until I ended up getting to NBC seeing just the range of things. So I don't think I thought that far ahead to be honest. You are no longer the the novice wannabe reporter it worked out for you little bit so Lakas through how you when you got your first leadership position when you got to NBC like how did that happen? Yeah. Well, I my first leadership position came when I actually I left NBC because I had a really. Jerk for a boss, and he was what I call a classic gatekeeper. And after trying a lot of different things to say can we work differently? Basically, it was like what are you know? And I left and went to C N N Turner. That was my first leadership job where I got to oversee a team. I think there were eight of us, and I didn't know what I was doing. It was you know, it was daunting that was my first leadership job. And there was no training manual. I none of the media companies. I work for frankly, in retrospect, did anything really to train you as a manager of people. You just kinda had to figure it out. I think that's so interesting. Your path is you've done you've had so many different roles who started off as like wanting to be a reporter than you went into comes role than obviously g into marketing marketing, and then as vice chair, I actually don't really know what that means. Let's start what is vice chair yet? Well, I it it g vice show was as much a recognition of a career path every vice chair has a different portfolio. Mine was business innovation which meant I was. I was there to lead. New new new businesses so businesses either we invested in seeded or turned around so looking for new revenue from new sources and marketing was my path to get there. So from communications really became promotion, especially in the news world, you're promoting people to watch your news. And from there got into advertising and marketing, and that that became a path to innovation it may sound strange because most people think of marketing is just what you do at the end. It's the ad. It's the trade show when in fact for us the opportunity was to bring marketing to the beginning. It was about the insights in the market. Where's the market going? So became a trend job. It became a innovation job pretty quickly. Because hey, we have existing things. We can just target them to new customers. We can drive revenue anew way. So it was pretty it. Sounds like it would be weird..

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