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News i'm rachel mireau a california state lawmaker could face disciplinary action after a newly released investigation finds he likely behaved inappropriately from kqed's politics and government desk katie or has more an independent investigation has found state senator tony mendoza more likely than not engaged in a pattern of unwelcome flirtation and sexually suggestive behavior towards female staff members and other women in the capital the investigation looked at incidents ranging over a decade mendoza recently came under investigation after several women accused him of sexual harassment he took a leave of absence in january while the investigation was conducted mendoza has adamantly denied the allegations against him and has sued the state senate over the investigation process lawmakers will consider the report and possible disciplinary actions against mendoza this week in sacramento i'm katie or kqed news antoine wilson the former superintendent of the oakland unified school district has resigned from running the public school system in washington dc that's after it was revealed wilson's skirted the city's lottery system so his daughter could transferred to a highperforming school wilson had a reputation for turning around low performing urban school districts but his tenure in oakland was troubled he caught flat for allowing charter schools into the districts enrollment process andy was blamed for running up a tab that led to that led the district.

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