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Great, but let's say they're going to feel goal. Big freaking whoop de do. It's 17 to 7, you're down, you're down two scores. If they kick a few goal, it's 20 to 7, you're still down 13 points. You're down two scores. So dolphins are not scoring a touchdown there. They're not. Two is not air in the ball downfield. They have two plays over 20 yards, the whole freaking game. And one was probably by two a running the ball. And so I thought they had much more to gain by going for it. Not a whole lot to lose. You get it. You at least get a field goal at 17 to ten, you get the ball to start the second half. You get a touchdown. Your bad starts all over. It's zero, zero, what have you. They ended up getting a field goal. But to me, there was much more to gain there, not much to lose, and I thought it was just another example like the Tampa Bay game and other games where Belichick is just for some reason he's coaching scared. I don't know if it's Mac Jones. I don't know if it's the offense in general, whatever it is, I didn't like it. I haven't liked a lot of those decisions, give the team some confidence. Go for it. What do you have to lose? I mean, it's a difference in one seed. Nothing on the line. What's the lose? Just go for it. Right, and at that point in the game, you're not scoreboard monitoring buffalo in the jets, which by the way was a field goal game at 1.2. It made you think like, oh, maybe there is a chance at the division. But as it turns out, buffalo pulled ahead. Before we get to three up three down, you want to give one last thought on Mac Jones and his assessment. I think this kind of ties into what you just talked about, confidence. And man, after that fourth and one call, I mean, you can see the reaction on his face, body language, not great. Yeah, I didn't think Mac played very well at all in this game. I mean, he played well late when the dolphins were basically in very soft coverage, a lot of cover for a lot of zone. He's fine with that. But otherwise, before that, I think before the final drive, let's see before. So he had the. So when he threw that sideline passage Jacoby Myers, and he had two of those. Jacoby Myers and hunter Henry great passes, a little flat, you know, those were tough catches..

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