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During the House debate. First, WGN traffic and things looking good out there on the area. Roadways express reason. Tollway's wanna let you know about some Changes with the Metro train schedule. If you are on the Milwaukee North and West Lines, North Central Service or the Metro Electric District, the schedules are changing. So take a look at that before you get on the train heading in and out of the city, Chicago Public school Children who are in pre K and special ed classes were returned to school today despite concerns about the ongoing covert 19 pandemic. Chicago Teachers Union says there's no way to guarantee that schools won't become hot spots for the virus here. CTU President Jesse Sharkey. We don't trust going back to school in person. We have a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago, where the virus is raging out of control. Some teachers have threatened not to show up for work as a form of protest to the re opening. The CPS says. If they do, they won't be paid. Meanwhile, some teachers in sister of district 99 say they will not return to the classroom. Today they'll teach remotely. Instead, their union says there's no reason for teachers to return. All students are still learning remotely. They want regular building sanitation, improved air filtration and adequate protective equipment before returning sisters. Covert positivity rate stood at 13% on Thursday. That's five points higher than the state's recommendation for a return to schools. The latest covert stats in Illinois contains some good news that from WGN, Dave Swan, the state Health Department reports just over 4700 new and probable cases and 81 additional deaths. But the Illinois positivity rate came in at 7.9%, dropping after a recent rise in all Illinois has seen well over a million covert cases and over 17,000 deaths since the pandemic began. Dave's one WGN news Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that President elect Biden's plan to roll it all available doses of the cove in 18 vaccine once he takes office works as planned, things could be looking brighter by the fall. We could be at 70 to 85% of the people in this country vaccinated that we could develop a degree of herd immunity that would have a major impact on slowing down this outbreak and hopefully by the full of 2021. We could start approaching some degree of normality. Coach. He joins obedience Steve Dale on Sunday. Chicago mother is among three people killed in a shooting spree Saturday spanning from Chicago to Evanston, 46. Year old Asian Newell was a long time doorman at in Eastern apartment building, she least behind two grown Children said Sorry. Nevel says family meant everything to her mom. This is wild. This is beyond any of our imaginations. I couldn't have thought of what in like this. Four others were wounded in the shooting spree there in hospitals in critical condition. The U. S Capitol police has announced the death of another officer as lawmakers. Skin teach, you meant a full of counting of exactly what went wrong. The day a mob of Trump supporters stormed the building. Julie Walker has more 51 year old officer Howard leaving goods death Saturday was an apparent suicide, according to two people familiar with the matter. He'd been with the department 15 years and was the son of a former Senate sergeant at arms. Capitol Police officer hit in the head with a fire extinguisher died along with a rioter who was shot by police and three others who suffered medical emergencies. Lawmakers want to know why police were underprepared. Republican representative Alan Kinzinger. I think we were very close to actually having members of Congress killed they made the remarks on ABC is this week. Meanwhile, House Democrats are planets introduce articles of impeachment today that will charge President Trump with inciting sedition after Wednesday's right at the Capitol state representative during Bailey's in the hospital overnight for observation after he collapsed during a House debate yesterday afternoon, Bailey appeared alerts waving to colleagues as he was wheeled out of the Bank of America Center on a stretcher. This minority leader Jim Durkin says Bailey hit his head when he fell. Let's just make sure that we have him in our thoughts. We have our disagreements on many issues, but at the end the day we are a family. Let's remember that Bailey and his wife are on a 21 Day fast and singing to a liquid diet during the day, they say their fastest meant to intensify prayers. Some CPS parents are accusing Mayor Lightfoot of sabotaging a bill aimed at creating an elected school board in Chicago. The Illinois House recently passed a bill creating a 21 person elected school board, but the Senate has not taken action yet. Mayors against the bill that she wants a hybrid board made of both elected and appointed members. G to Brown of the Journey for Justice Alliance has strong words for the mayor. If your belief system says that we don't matter now, voices don't matter. I don't care if you're black, brown, white or blue. You are not our friends. The group is demanding Senate president Don Harmon bring the elected school board bill to the floor for a vote. Well, there won't on Lee be an inauguration will also be in in dog aeration. The shelter in Delaware, where President elect Biden got his dog Major will host a virtual ceremony for the special Rescue. Canine Major will be the first rescue doctor ever live in the White House. The ceremony will also raise money for the Delaware Humane Society, the region Sports The Bears out of the NFL playoffs after losing to the Saints, 21 to 9 Baltimore beat Tennessee 2013 Cleveland be Pittsburgh 48 37 the Bulls lose to the Clippers won 30 to 1 27. The Blackhawks Open the season Wednesday, a Tampa Bay the pregame that Chris Boden at 6 30 the face off at seven with John White Hymen and Troy Murray on 7 20, WGN. And WGN radio dot com. The forecast not from the WGN Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Mike Johnson. While the Clouds were expected to decrease later.

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