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At Lifelock dot com slash radio. We have an accident in back of build you should know about. Kim has all of our traffic news and joins us with more. All of a sudden I saw us and brake lights in your ride Up and down. Interstate 80 has been problem free and lightly traveled between Valeo and Vaca Ville. But now we've gotta crash kind of messy here. If you're traveling in that direction, he's found Interstate 80 an accident just after Midway Road of three left lanes are blocked. There's cars facing all different directions, so There's definitely a slow patch there. If you're headed, perhaps towards Sacramento expected DeLay there, But before you get there, like I said, no problems, Traffic on the car Keenest bridge looks great Venetia Bridge. No problems there. We had an accident in Berkeley on the Lower East. Your freeway eastbound Interstate 80 just before university reported at one point it Ashby, But just before university, it's all clear now, and traffic is moving well, in fact, in both eastbound and westbound direction between the MacArthur Maze and Berkeley. And absolutely no delay coming or going on the Bay Bridge. If you're leaving the city or headed into San Francisco for the evening, you can plan on traffic light and at the limit, we had some stalls. A car fire is busy there earlier, but not the case Now, and Golden Gate Bridge looks great, too, between San Francisco and Marin County. Earlier problems in Marin County in the north, they pretty much wrapped up. I still see some heavy traffic on the eastbound 37 approaching serious point. And you'll stay on the brakes to Skaggs Island as you make your way towards Valeo. Next update 6 58 on the traffic leader KCBS Mancini's sleep World six Day forecast. We're going to hear about it from K P X five's Poul Hagen not much changed to the overall forecast. As we head into the last couple of days of the work week. We're going to see the fog spreading back out over the band.

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