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By July. 4th CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky tell CBS this morning. There's a plan to make it happen. We have resource is heading to community based organizations so that we can get people in their communities where they are. We're going to rural clinics over 4500 rural clinics to make sure that we can get to the more remote areas. Correspondent Candy MacCORMACK takes a look at what's behind declining vaccination rates After peaking in the first half of April. The numbers are due. Wind ling. Well, you know, I have some reservations dividing administration is working to tackle the vaccine hesitancy. The number of people getting a first shot or single dose is down 50% and a new Gallup poll finds Americans are worried about others not getting their shots. Republicans remain least likely to be vaccinated or say they're willing to be new Daily Cove in cases in the U. S dipped below 50,000 For the first time since early October, more women are putting off or deciding not to have babies. CBS is Vicki Barker after peaking In the U. S. Birth rate fell 4% last year. That's the biggest single year decrease. In nearly 50 years, the nation's maternity ward saw fewer women of every major race and ethnicity and nearly all age groups as the pandemic took hold the birth rate falling to its lowest point since records began more than a century ago. The new figures suggest this generation of Americans won't have enough Children to replace itself. Police have arrested a man suspected of stabbing two Asian American women at a bus stop in San Francisco. Hooked up to their victim stabbed them and very casually walked away in broad daylight. Police aren't saying whether the women were targeted because of their race. There's no word on their conditions two weeks after his client was convicted.

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