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They're not flying under the radar again. Maybe in a broader sense they are. But two of my. I don't know because with ryan hall. I don't know he's not gonna two of my guys describe this. Espn limbs was like made for me. You've got brian hall and you've got door. Michelle pineda i mean. How do i choose how to choose. Which one i i think i i mean using the surprise you. I'm going to talk about ahead of more. Because i think a lot of people actually are sort of talking about the ryan hall flight and more more. This is i mean. I'm being pretty general here. But just kind of what i see on social media. I do see a lot about reinholt. Maybe it's because he's obviously the you know the fighter in the sport today it means because he fights so infrequently that people kind of like when it happens every their ears perk up. It's it's such an event it's the rarity of it. Now that has made a special. Would we like to see it. Like every four months of course. Of course we'd all prefer that but right ryan hall. He runs his own schedule. You don't question when a when a jujitsu prophet like ryan hall competes. You just listen you. Just listen when it's time for him to perform but michelle had again. I don't know if people have been paying enough attention. Maybe they've become a little disenchanted by the more mature more. Well-thought-out michelle i i haven't i love seeing more technically i'd love to see some of the craziness comeback for sure as release since he's fighting nico price of fellow psychopath. So hopefully they'll blige each other for some some arrogant but that for me that for me is the bus. I don't want people to give up on michelle beheaded and let me tell you something to sort of playoff kind of what my tag partner who could not have been more correct in your last answer. what what she was saying. How the wealth picture is a little more wide open than people expect. I'm not saying michelle ahead is going to be next. But he lets us to protect a cabinet. Oh price gets another win later this year. Who knows if they can't agree to again. The becoming one of the reasons is is a developed guides. Negotiate with so the doors. Open for certainly stephen thompson. The number one candidate if he beats browns go burns a little gilbert burns himself on a little less likely obviously if i was so recent predefined a finish but there's other guys that are available. I'm not going to say cross mexico but it is a busy more busy welterweight division than than people think So i think there are other contenders contender on this card and other cards to come though there is also the chance because because of what we said that maybe looks outside of welterweight for his next fight. I don't know if he's wanted these obscene not going to assign you any time soon. But but i just want to kind of backup. Chris and said There's i'm excited for the fight. Because again i think this guy could contend for a world title someday because it's so yeah. I'm going with that as my quotes sleeper. But i hope not too. Many people are on that fight. Jed meshu which you got one would just said is literally crazier than anything michelle engage. He just he just tried to make a case to contend for title within a year we all want to continue for a title. Why are you trying to take all the things that make them shelter. Hey a phone away from him by making him by reasonably infer championships. Will you do you put him against a guy like niko. Bryce this is this is the platonic ideal of fighting by like this is. This is the bite of the weekend for me. Unquestionable he crisis a lunatic. He has a win from hammerfest on the bottom. Which is the thing that that doesn't act. Shop is gonna so backflips. Assuming that he doesn't go full ak boring version of himself which knock on wood as if that happens. So why rule this for your. This is easily only fight that matters this weekends like this is a fight that that could very simply with invite circus totally harmoniously. And that's how you know it's the fight for me. So that's it like. I'll watch the rest of guard and a lot of it's interesting. There's if i had one fight this weekend. Eight is obviously behaved rights. And i'll just catch up on the. I'll i'll tune into intimate binding dot com to read the results for the rest of it does kind of suck. We're not getting another wealth to fight. Sean brady versus kevin lee on this card. Luckily it has been revoked for next month but we have thirteen fights to be excited about on saturday. Let us move ahead to another story. Line based upon the main event of this car. But before we do that we get award the point around two and it goes to the challengers aka lee in christie tanger on the board..

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