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Sounded la boss. Nestor remember. I always find that when i'm under whether if i have a beer it really bugs up and makes me for rough so call now call. Unhappy ranges right into the new republic. Wasn't gonna buy me rough because i was looking forward to that show because i've made i mentioned before soak is going to be a word about the force of the remainder is going to be about the warriors. Post say the mandatory maurice. Plus you've got a bear force in there as well By is just to be action on the ground but it but these are. These are on the ground. I wanted something that was going to be different alongside that which would be rangers which would be which was We we understood was gonna be now squadrons basically and that was that accelerate me. The idea that we've got stri which is about the powerless. Because so many about the the force uses demand. Laurie inside the warriors. Whatever we need a political show qualifying for something a little bit different that also lead in with those other shows. You've just mentioned so. I'm still at Bummed out there. No actively developing rain to the new republic but that would is keep those words because any point in the future like qatar. Any block roy. Now that we've got now they have shows of how to first season. We know what we can guard right induce with bringing it back to type that they can always bring it back but now a for now is i think it's just a bit proof proofreading someone has no. We sat on the final funnel. Yes definitely i agree before. I got sidetracked. I think i mentioned the All old shows would be made by philo. Neom fabbro thing that was meant to be this big crossover event between the yet and so that probably rethinking that in fact. That's probably why they've rewritten a few things. On man delorean season three. Maybe a soka maybe even because by the fact some of that would if i just be done with with some lot cartoon who. We don't know what her fate is going to be in a mandatory. Whether he's going to be reaching out cued off recast over there doing that. We'll find out in do. Costa are going to have something to do with it because that come show she was in. That character was in to certain rangers. We know that. And i imagine shooter showed up in mando see two three officers one of the oj of that series so the they would have had to tweak a few things along the way there but hey if it makes you a better show or better interconnected tv university in thin great. I'm for that might. Yeah death fire. As jack relish would say death go through fashion. i love greenish. Love begins three. I does mind. Says he can fill off. Bulla rely for now. he's an english. England international footballer. He plays in manchester city. Formerly aston villa. Anita is bobbing in boy my boy. Es will fashion sense for. It is come from me but The millionaires i. I've got a reason to decide that book. Somebody somebody who is good doing stuff was round from corey. Might link carafe mcquarry. Good at doing stuff. And this is a story which came out in the last week and focused a star wars animated films based on the ramp from corey concept all apparently going to be coming to disney plus which is on the face of it very exciting. Because we've we did our episode on macquarie mumps ago celebrating his work alongside people like john williams and of course to make jokes himself. What would start with without raff. Mkhori the led is that they could make an animated with. they're saying phil aids is accelerating especially in the wake of a star wars visions. Because this would be a reimagining said they take the luke stock killer with his appointee whitelock cyber and how dr fay look to those concepts and stuff and to me. It would Smacks even harder. Soy as d.c. Stock hauled soy nikola way three. Po looks looking at the group from I would be very very interested to see this but at the same time very mussa very interested in the tone that they take because route from car all to me has a very serious tone to it okay to eat a another very old but the level of detail depth and how the characters are portrayed and looking at the saw fighter and dijkstal cater. Looks like a pre epic brutal battle. I wonder what to- night go for because this doesn't strike from what i've seen from rare from macoris artist. Ry didn't restock me as off filled with a lot of liberty very old because static images. But i say you can get a lot from some work by route from show. He was funny scholar but he's all very very to the point to me is beautiful studies from the best concept in film but a lens to me more of a harder soifer folly to offer they in this on a swashbuckling star wars. We've got so if that's the way they wanted to take it and that's just my interpretation and that would be interesting again. An alternate timeline. Type thing visions. Just make it in macquarie's image. I think it'd be a good dude. I don't want him to keep doing too many of these. Because then i do think it does become convoluted. when you've got visions he'd half say mkhori. Whatever you wanna call it and you know they probably do another one and then you do start to think okay which one is actually disgraces cannon now and then we get what we had in expanded universe where nobody really knows and i have to go in wookey wikipedia checking an defeats the object. But i think. There's a good idea that i might if i want to do how. How based on their from corey lee in my eyes and also to bring that concept art to a wider audience. Younger audiences will disney animated films. Dude the is boat but after visions they swung and hit hung brown. So boy no well. that's it will. The this story comes from the guys at that hashtag shut dot com and live that set off to the successive stall was visions and novels. What if these knee is looking to expand its animated offerings. And this is one of the biggest ideas. Gin floyd divert disney at the moment be honest. I think it's quite cool. Idea is quite cool concept but like like yourself. There's one or two concerns light for me. The ralph mcquarry are is is star wars. You feel i. It's not disobeys ville your is. That's how you describe it. It's it's not too dissimilar from what we see in the live action and maybe as well just to add to that to expand this point with kind of already had the ralph mkhori animated show which is always rebels. good chairman. that's very mcquarry. You know the light sabers that landscapes that color palette tons very ralph macquarie. We've already had that. We've already had that. So i'll be interested to see what i do that needs to make it very mcquarry Icon essay in in the trying to make it look a bit like a painting. Maybe yes don't know riots something along along that line along those lines. Sorry so yeah. It's interesting but like you said we all were funny crossroads of the moment in star wars canon is very very important. I got to plan out these next few years. Really really.

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