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So you guys tooted in show you boy. Some loves the birthday bash marched e v a two days after that We're at the i am. Ill excuse barred. Medications read the i and mule Was getting eight thirty. One south delaware. Dr easton pennsylvania. Exactly so that's on sunday. More seven two doors opened up at five pm early showtime six. pm early But before we start the show. Dj hot sauce for source. He's a professional. Dj professional is a source. We'll have that music on at five o'clock with the wires and trying to figure things out music unit five. We start at six. If you've been to sean harvey show you know. I don't play. I go on stage with is like the flyers like the bible to me is like a policy. Six six six zero five latest. We're starting we're going to We have the hilarious. Monique latif from paterson. New jersey are gonna come gonna blaze that room. I got to. Jackson wanna start off. Doing some commie won't show them some. And then also the world famous Book from baltimore. Comedy cop timmy. All come here in the room and then after that we will go the hassle sign a non party. Listen where you mass where you face your where your body show where the plastic put duct tape on your mouth. Gavril what you do Come fill safe komo now Yeah your masters required. Of course we have a just a limited amount of space You know we practice the socialism and the policies of the state of pennsylvania. End the feds come on out. If you don't feel safe i understand. Don't come out but if you do come on now. We have everything spaced out so we would love to see that sad sunday morning. Seven at the mill meal who is located the iron meal. Golden say swiss. I m. you'll delaware drive east vania medication for so come on and then check this out. On the following doing a monthly event we might even expand it but the follow him. On april the eighteenth. Barbie cloners sunday at the iron mule. We have the one and only king of new york talent and He's gonna do his things. We bunch of comedians coming as well and hot sauce. And we know we're gonna get some of the dj's and we're gonna party so y'all come on now. They will tracks in building. Okay costa rica. i want thank folks for Registered for that Event we're going to costa rica. show harvey show featuring cotin jan july twenty second twenty six. Thank you so much on. There's other places that i'll be. I'll be down.

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