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Beyond the sea celebrity dirt ready for the absolute craziest cheating rumors so far in the Kim and Kanye universe. Now we knew when the divorce started or them divorce rumors started. We know that there was going to be cheating rumors as well. We have found the weirdest one. So far, there's a rumor going around that Kanye has been secretly dating Jeffery Starr, the gay YouTube cosmetics company owner. Jeffrey identifies his mail, but his style is very feminine or kind of androgynous. It's not clear where the rumor started, but a source close to Kanye says there's absolutely no truth to it. So that's too by the way. To rumors. There's that one. And then there's the Kim is in love with Van Jones from CNN Rumor. Both of them are pretty College all over the Internet. Yeah, Jeffrey isn't too upset about the attention. He posted a couple of pictures of himself with the caption saying I'm ready for Sunday service, So he's not helping cognac. No, no. Parents all over the world are celebrating the cancelation of the longtime Children's show. Chi. You really Yes, Cai Yue has been canceled. PBS announced it this week in a tweet. Yes, PBS tweets along with tips for what to do when your child's favorite media goes away, but apparently the worst. The cartoon character was the least favorite animated star among dad's and everywhere people went all over Social media. Putting quotes up like I use reign of terror is over. Twitter user describe call you as the animated advertisement for birth control. Yeah. So call you is officially done for those you moms and dads who have set through that theme song for Kai you time and time again, which I won't play for you but You're probably in his near Yes, there is an end in the future for you, Skye. You is it done coming up in the next year on the Z. If you think you're having a bad week, talk to Dr Dre, who found out after he was checked into the hospital that is house was being robbed..

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