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And last up today assuming Thursdays. DNC debate does indeed happen in some forum in some location. Here is what you need to know in order to watch it first off it starts at eight. PM Eastern time on Thursday night that means five pm Pacific which is totally normal for folks like me on the West Coast. I but it might get confusing given that. All the previous debates were held in eastern time states. There are a zillion ways to watch this thing. And I will read those out in a moment but the key ways I would suggest are a youtube stream which is already up and linked in the show notes. Good job PBS or just using your local PBS TV station for Radio Listeners. NPR affiliates will broadcast and streamed the debate as audio as well and CNN has jumped in to simulcast the debate which might help some folks who don't get broadcast TV. Okay and here is the inevitable laundry list of APPs and websites and stuff where you can find the debate. It will stream on in facebook youtube and twitter plus the APPS FOR PBS and CNN. It will stream on the websites of CNN politico and PBS. Yes and IT WILL AIR ON TV on PBS and CNN. So pick your favorite channel. Pick your favorite thing. Settle in and I will have more for you on that debate in the coming days about that. Is it for one more episode. The election ride home. I have been your host Chris Higgins. You can always find me on twitter. Hat Chris Hogan's as I head out today. You might be asking where is debate Bingo. Well it's coming as soon as I get the official podium order for the candidates. So that's where they stand and it is a key part of the BINGO cards when I made the cards over the weekend. This debate sponsors had not announced that podium order knowing how the news cycle works that I probably is coming out right now as I say these words I can probably finish up those cards tonight. All can download them starting Tuesday as always. Thanks for listening and I will talk to Y'all tomorrow zero..

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