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By Ace the helpful place Saturday morning at six. Beginning January, 2nd. 25 minutes before six o'clock here on the Saturday morning show a sprinkling of snow overnight Maura than a sprinkling in some areas of the Midwest. And the one thing you that I just got in an email from a loser Who said you haven't given the coronavirus numbers yet, because during my career here at W. GM, we've done many numbers like the arrival of cattle, the arrival of hogs at the Chicago Union Stockyards. And now, unfortunately, more recently, we tend to give the count on the corona virus spread. Not going to give all the numbers, but it's interesting because the numbers and these stories on my writer scream that I'm looking at right now. It. Talks about Thailand reporting 216 new cases of coronavirus. Germany has confirmed coronavirus cases increased by 12,000. 690. Then we get the Russian report 26,301 new coronavirus cases. And 447 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, and it goes on and on and on is I go up and down the Reuters screen. Look at the various headlines and just about every other line has a Corona virus count. So be careful and knew what they're suggesting. We do. And aside. I've said too many of my friends. We're a mask. Don't shake hands and stay away from people. That seems to be what we got to follow until the vaccine finally shows it worth. And I remember the polio epidemic of the mid 19 fifties. When you didn't dare go anywhere. You didn't dare shake hands with anybody. And then suddenly, Dr Jonas Salk came along with the vaccine, and it changed life immediately for all of us in the U. S, and in the world. But I still have friends for my high school days who are crippled because of the polio epidemic back in the 19 fifties. Welcome now to Samuelson says, and thank you for putting up with my thoughts and opinions, and you haven't been too nasty. But despite the fact that I tell you, I'm not going to talk politics on, Samuelson says. You continue to say Oh, yeah. You were talking. I could tell in the tone of your voice that you were talking politics, But I go on to say that I'll never tell you who my choices are for public office and S O. I stay away from the political world because that's where so many media people And viewers and listeners are today. But, Samuelson says has given me the opportunity to hopefully generate some new thinking and generate some new opinions and feelings about the way of life here in the U. S. Politically and beyond, and I will miss doing that. But I think I pretty much run my course, and it's been taken over by. Ah lot of people who express opinions. In media and in conversation with friends and neighbors. My dad always haven't wind that he left with me when I was growing up. He said. Don't talk about religion and politics. Because if you do, you'll lose a lot of friends and I pretty much tried to stay with that thesis from my father. Years ago. I am not get involved in political or religious discussions with neighbors and family and friends. Probably a good way. Tonto survive holidays when families get together And you never know what subjects are going to come up. But keep reading and listening and trying to understand And to me. The one thing I've learned about communications is The Fact that I make my living talking. I find that listening is the most important part of my lifetime. Because until I listen to what you're saying, and what you're thinking I really can't respond to you because I haven't heard what you have said so. Give other people the opportunity, Tonto think and react and then don't get into a political fight with him. Those are my thoughts on, Samuelson says at 18 minutes before six o'clock news time here on W G. M. Steve Alexander, who would view you have heard do the reports when I'm traveling and you'll be hearing a lot more because the one thing that well, many things but I'm grateful to the management at next door Media group for continuing to cover the agricultural industry with the reports that Steve Alexander will be doing regularly every day here on WGN radio. So thanks You, Mary, who runs the shop for us and all of the other people that I've had the opportunity to work with. Thank you for continuing to realize that agriculture Is an important part of our economy and an important part of our well being. That is, Samuelson says. And we have the Steve Alexander standing by. He's going to join us here on the Saturday morning show with one of my favorite subjects to talk about safety on the farm. And we'll get to his report and his guest when we continue here on this Saturday morning, so Macy's after Christmas sale is going on now, with an extra 20% off with your coupon or Macy's card That's on top of great deals like 50 to 60% off coats for the whole.

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