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You're ready to retire these dice. Maybe put them in a bottle and toss them out to sea so that then somebody else can find the dice. Jumanji style mermaid like a and playing mermaid. Yeah someone another shore when the bible like eventually bob's landmass but give it to like acute niece or nephew just playing for the first time and then they have get to have lots of success so a blood relative or the ocean you choices litter or give it to a close family member throwing in the also plant it with the seed for a tree and see if maybe that that grows dice all my gone. Could you imagine just very like flavored. Edible d twenty is that will just say biting into a pomegranate and instead of all those little gems this just to unease. Until i'm done with them and then i eat. They'll be so dangerous. You had instituted accidentally eat a regular d twenty instantly inch. It's dangerous because you just be rolling at across dirty table you eventually. It would just be like a really dirty gusher. Put them in the shop for sure you call them dirty openness after being sued. Here's get your hands dirty gushers. Yeah i think. I think treats this this dice. Dice christ has blessed you with lighting. You're in game of thrones and this is like an old family heirloom sword keita. Like on the wall but like when the time comes to go or where it in a little pouch around your neck like worth with his fingers and they don't even take it onto shower so he can remember the justice. let's take. Let's take a moment of silence for dice. Christ though i think oh no actually is to be praised in song. We all know this of course. Yeah let's all sing the him that we also all know. Christ.

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