Priscilla Frank, Tony Morrison, Innis discussed on Stuff Mom Never Told You - Ivanka Trump's 'Feminism'


Here's the age of pinch arrest taking quotes out of context as like all about the inspirational quote and i elegance version of clay hate inspirational there's no good out of the internet though i mean they get light that's the thing the it like either but i'm always like old gruber other on people love our monday motivate off more than almost anything we do allow shutting love money motivation tiles anyway however what does she do she equates it with she equates busy nece with slavery in the way that she take that quote out of context i'm so morrison's words here this is a great piece in half po by priscilla frank who breaks it down and says tony morrison's words reflect the experience of liberation after being the littoral property of another human being trump updates the phrase to address the modern dilemma of spending too much time on one's phone uh it's the same thing on my right are you asleep sleeved here timer the master of it trump asked seriously using the words slave and master while quoting toni morrison to talk about time management that is disgusted so if you are in the personal and professional development space this is a good example of how to do it raw and this is what i'm paranoid of myself making a mistake on that front this is why i i creep elite relate to this because when you are in the business of empowerment you can swing innis so hearts braves swing like you you hit yourself in the face with the bat and this this is this is a great example of this is the swinging amiss obsolete really wanna talk a little bit about how folks are responding to a vodka i think that we should do that after a quick break more sponsor.

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