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Set records the their offense said the most goals the most points the number one. And what happened. They would ride into the playoffs in got swept in four games. CPI numbered Itsy I believe it was Carolina. Phanom. Staking. And this is what happens in hockey and this is the way Lord stand works. When the second season starts Lord. Stanley. Plead puts a couple of teams on a different level here. At the the islanders I thought were on a different level they made it to the conference semifinals but then we saw him really was on a different level and again it was the Tampa Bay lightning. So it was mad as here on the bubble they went crazy on the ice and the celebrating and congratulations to Tampa Bay I'm not sure if they're going to have a parade or a party, but it's it is Tampa. Bay Is Florida's and they don't seem to follow protocol so I would suspect a big party and. I would like to see Gronkowski out there with him just because he's always a part of a big party is GonNa be a party Tampa I can assure you that Some of the other things worth mentioning was. On this team is. I've talked about the offense. Well, let's talk about the players on offense and I I. Guess we'll look at the conn smythe for the MVP Victor, Hedman So congratulations to him that the the big name on on Tampa Bay all came through and When you think of these score, the scoring you gotta look players like Anthony Sallee You GotTa look at Nikita Kucherov, and then perhaps a big mall is breaking point. You these names are just they're credible Audrey Palette. He put in a couple of goals on those four players that they're all offensive minded and as I was watching, it might mentioned this. caddy in the last show or to is their their offense, the way they worked in what made them? So strong is their speed, their speed was incredible and they're putting. Those guys have the ability to literally round the corners with the puck in one hand holding the defender back in the other once they set up in the offensive zone, they were able to whip that puck around incredible fashion, very different style teams. When they start doing that they look for the one time shot off the past something the Golden Knights made on didn't credible. This year is I paid tribute to them after they. Exited that in this case, it's different with the lightning when they pass the puck around, they don't look for the one time shot. They get their players lined up right in front of the. crease and they do that the deflections the tip in the past right to the net and hope something happens and it was just incredibly incredibly effective all year long those guys were just incredible off. The headman was I said, he was the conn smythe on the defense on the goal. It was strong. Screw his name up owner tried anyways the let's give me. These, these Roussy, I can never get it out right yet ritzy s CR series. I bought my I was onto Dobbin but the the the less. came up big and Tampa. Bay's just an incredible team. Everybody expected this last year it came year late but it did come the lightning are chance there the first team to win in the bubble and We have to give them congratulations I thought it would be a good idea pig tribute to them here we we're paying tribute toward Stanley. It's always the cotton exciting time of the year. When you see that Stanley cut come out, I remember a couple years ago when Ovechkin won it for the capitals he he literally slept with that Cup the whole team was drinking beer champagne out of that cup. So it's just a fun thing to see when the cup comes up in the all the hard work the everybody's putting to try to voice that. Well, this year it was lightning, they hoisted it they did it in a bubble. The virtual factor has been incredible. They get to take home with them. They are the chance and congratulations to the Tampa Bay lightning. Okay, guys. We're GONNA leave it at that for today, come to the end of the show now be. But before we go the the NBA finals start tonight, they were scheduled for Friday the finally bumped him up to Wednesday. Not sure what happened there but any rate Ah I am before when I was talking, I'd made it clear. This is the heat was unfortunately they're going up against the Lakers. You can just mail this way what mail trophy La I don't see a series out of this. I think the Lakers are GonNa win as my prediction will keep an eye on I i. think it'll be fun to watch bit I I just think it's four hundred inclusion bidding you rate that starts tonight got some good besides baseball. You got a NBA final game start and also keep an eye on the on my blank page because I am going to post a couple. NBA Stories on our post-war tonight was the game gets going if there's anything funnier shutdown, I usually find funny tidbit to throw out there in the whole concept about the website is. You guys everybody out there sports, fans, they all have their their way of tracking it whether on Espn Yahoo were never. This just adds a whole new dimension when you look at Sports with from comical standpoint, it gives you a little bit more of enjoyable scenario and that's really all I'm trying to do have sports. Comedy show is to bring a larger audience to the sports table for people to join in other ways. Okay. Thank you guys, WanNa. Own Thank you for listening again my name is Paul Sorrento on the Creator and host of the show and I'll see you Friday..

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