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I think they have absolutely elevated the most important spot on the offensive line and i'll put them at number six number five new england patriots i think by at the end of the year they could be the best team. I don't think they'll be the best team early. They lost david andrews the center. I'm sorry that's that's a big deal for new england. He calls the audibles. I think they're wide receiver zebra. Group could be good but it's really choppy. Just josh gordon just arrived and was out for most of cameras. Thomas was out then cut. He's back keough l. Harry who i think could be really good wide receiver. He's on the i r. <hes> gronk retired. Chris hogan's gone <hes>. There are running power team now more than i ever remember but i don't think they're all line and they're receiving group will be settled. They opened with pittsburgh. That's day at the beach so as to have a choppy september don't be shocked number four <hes> slightly the head of the pittsburgh steelers. They got rid of some noise. They're very focused. I think they did a really job to quietly upgrade their defense. They went and got steve nelson a corner from kansas city. I think it's maybe maybe the best secondary potentially they've had in a while. They went and got mark baron who can play linebacker <hes> they went undrafted. Devon bush who has been <hes> very very good at looks like so far in the pre season. I think their defense is going to be better. They lead the n._f._l. And sacks anyway i get the noise of antonio brown and lebanon. Libyan belleville stories are now all aw gone <hes> big ben by the way <hes> led the n._f._l. In passing yards last year so his precision is not as good as i'd like but he continues to be an elite you know top ten quarterback in the n._f._l. And <hes> also had a dante moncrieff james washington looks good at wide receiver near two from oklahoma state. I got him at four number berth three l._a. Rams i know because i'm in l._a. Collin collin rams todd gurley is back and healthy cooper cop. Who's actually the guy they target more than any other receiver. When he's healthy is back. They've added like smart guys like erick weddell <hes> their offensive line they drafted it well and <hes> you know they ranked in top five last year in rushing and passing yards per game only team in the n._f._l..

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