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Is fifty five degrees here in the district since two fifty one there are some changes to how college students are going to be graded for the spring twenty twenty semester and they're being rolled out at some Maryland schools the Baltimore sun reports the university of Maryland College Park Johns Hopkins University and housing university are all temporarily changing grading policies to allow for pass fail grading that's unless the student opts for an actual grade officials say pass grades don't count toward a student's grade point average however fail grades do a note will be included on transcripts detailing the unusual circumstances for this semester now with everyone at home you might be noticing that your internet isn't as fast as it used to be it can be a problem if you're working remotely now here's some tips that can help speed things up done this with everybody home here are some things to try let's start with the wifi your router far away move it closer also rebooted that can sometimes give it a boost I know you hear a lot about cutting the cord but in this case plugging your computer directly into the router gives you the faster speeds if you feel comfortable log into your router's settings and enable quality a service R. Q. OS it allows you to give internet priority to certain devices also have unlimited data plans for your phone let the kids use that when you're working by turning off wifi in your home router Mike Morello WTOP news and YouTube videos are converting to standard definition the videos normally play in high def the move will impact users all over the world and is meant to ease the pressure on the internet's infrastructure brought on by corona virus quarantines company officials say users will still be able to switch to high definition on a per video basis you too isn't the only streaming company making some changes recently Netflix that it would reduce streaming quality in Europe to prevent stressing out.

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