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Thank you ladies and gentlemen this father stay lows celebrates dads who get things done by tuneups to engine overhauls those dads needed tool like craftsmen and now craftsman is at home at lowe's founding garages in toolboxes across the country craftsman's the tool weekend warriors and pros alike rely on if your dad's one of those guys give him craftsman this father's day for a memory ended tool hold onto for a lifetime the perfect father's day gift of craftsman starts with lows trump and the eagles i'm ed donahue with an ap news minute press secretary sarah sanders says it was the philadelphia eagles and not president trump who changed their commitment at the last minute to a white house super bowl celebration made that change at the last minute not the president he's the one that has been completely consistent in his viewpoint when it comes to this she says the eagles notify the white house last week eighty one people including players coaches and managers would be attending but late friday the team tried to reschedule proposing a time when the president would be overseas harvey weinstein pleaded not guilty today in new york to rape charges involving two women would've weinstein's accusers says he cornered her in a hotel room and raped her she has not been publicly identified the other a one time spiring actress name lucia evans says weinstein forced to into oral sex to meeting in his office in two thousand four that is the ap's warren levinson kate spade fashion designer known for her sleek handbags was found dead in her new york apartment apparent suicide she was fifty five.

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