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Hit y'all. Eric. From that way, always away. I got the moves. I got the malls. No making moves. You gotta move. You got him. She made that back. Move. She made a chocolate. I mean the city move! I make the city move. I got to move. I got the most. I got the moves, making holes making moves. You gotta move. You gotta She made that back. Move. She made it to move. God make the city move. I make the city more than non thought with Big boy's neighborhood. Most tough, Nothing big boys. 92 minute Commercial Free music mix is on real 92 3 New home with Big one in the mid 11, baby, I omen there. Yes. And no dot guano. Mary. I am then a day outside a day or day. Yeah, they make I get it. Let me know. So broken by life. She No, Not there. I more bad yours. Adult Bull got that little body. The That's our body to my brother phenomenon at all. I mean it on maybe Dina, my bungalow. He's a bread. That is he do my deed. I need to Lubango. September thought I'm missing. Look, I don't do army. Yeah. Oh, my mother and my girls are the, um I got a good but I'm made of European model. I did not know the more budget and then I woke out she went So it's a value out and always stop the or somebody I know to, But photo nibbled on Pandora reaching people for, uh, was that damn ball? Or maybe I think of my bungalow is incredible. Bongo don't know super meat that upon go listen to our door. Amusing and okay and told me I I only have one. No, man, I am. And my damn there you make I get it. I'm so broke him out Life No.

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