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Need real bad for what the saved my life why do you think your life is in danger walk with me to the hotel we can talk someone may hear scanning out here who is this this god's i met him in belfour's last month i worked up that's why we are expecting a lot of cowboys from the talks this trail he was went up fancy cloud me back to death says it's going to stay with a leading he's got gold fever and the holly fever car oh yes mm expos you could call it that you don't think much of him boom why would you say that your left him lying on the floor back now asking take care of himself sides i had to stop you from lately what happened must have cut my xuan staff are you heard matt ryan called feels twisted can stand up i dunno chara here oh thank you i can't put any weight on that foot may be able to carry it a culture yes thank you i hope it isn't broken think it might be good apponaug way how's it feel broken you've got big guns paladin i like manly hey guys.

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