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Q. we are striker inclined when you hear the word museum you probably aren't thinking striker inclined and I don't blame you but if you think of all of the pop up museums that have popularized southern California the ice cream museum these are hard to get into obviously influencers are going to they could take pictures and giant pools of sprinkles here like grow up your thirty but that was happening and then there's the weed museum the breakup museum and then of course all of the iconic natural history museums etcetera well now someone here in so cal has started a quarantine museum not far from where care Akis and I don't know what actually they are displaying I don't know anything about it I I don't even know if people are allowed to go to it physically but I do know this if they would if we could call them striker and convince them to put one of our striker incline masks are face masks that we had made in the museum that would be a great way to help us promote the showing as you known as we've been doing with turn your son is striking classic cetera this company's gonna give us zero promotions so we are going to claw for every possible list and we can get the check us out and this is a great way I think that some people in the community could go ahead and take all of that that's funny face mask maybe also that Joe lady name and started this in the Instagram is museum of quarantine call back even though this is in Los Angeles I got her number Klein so the point of this call is to pitch our striker inclined quarantined facemask to be part of this museum she's gonna head up on us I know we will have to make her think we care about the museum that's the first part but then once we once we bought our up it's like Hey could you would you mind displaying this we'd like to give you a piece of memorabilia to the museum I think I think they like that's that's your job right yes I can so you Morrow good morning and it's striker inclined from K. rock how are you this morning I am doing great how are you all we are great thank you so much for picking up absolutely hang on one second let me switch to your phone this is gonna be easier here just one St differ morning show hold on one second absolutely I know that you are responsible for I believe the first ever museum of quarantine and before we we we give you our pitch and boy you're going to hate it I'm just curious as to what is the museum of quarantine our shows museum of quarantine is essentially a fence that abuts the street in my neighborhood and when safer at home was first issued I started feeling really isolated and pretty sad and was trying to think of things that basically just make myself feel better and my initial inclination was all just water color a little bit but I decided that if I was feeling isolated probably help other people in the neighborhood where two and I noticed that other family members or you know like folks around the neighborhood we're doing evening walk a whole lot works we can go anywhere else although I control your clothes and everything so I thought well maybe if I just post a couple things out on my wall maybe other people will too and so one thing led to another and we went from a couple shot little pieces that I had mailed my sense to eighty some odd pieces now it's been insane those people just saying whatever they want you on the wall and I don't think we want to reveal what street you're on but you are in Los Angeles it is the Hollywood area and and I'm can anybody just walk up and put something on the wall or you the curator we have to talk to you first how does it work all right there is actually a sign on the wall that tells you how it works which is just please feel free to post any artwork crafts there you know found cool stuff nails glue any news of the hearing to the wall totally fine to go for it if we were to give you a striker inclined facemask we had these made up before things got really bad yeah and these are all hard item to get I believe that this would be the first and only time anything that would be called museum would have something that they showed the fluid in it would you be in it in the quarantine would be honored to fight that we would probably display it that would be lovely we're in a museum I mean where where is that that puts us on the same level I believe as the astronauts that have walked on the moon it will be used for like van Gogh we we are also in the museum absolutely well you know art is in the eye of the beholder and we would just be absolutely honored by that contribution and you just made our day because before we called you we weren't sure what the heck was going to happen we cannot thank you enough we will get you the striker incline facemask and have a great day and thank you again thank you okay bye right arrow kill.

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