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Never, quite sure what's going to unfold next but out there as. Well Well you know that that was the cross my mind is that since the two thousand sixteen election people have been distracted if, there's a chaos every day And of some sort and at least for the term of at least one or two, cycles so it is there's the ritual double of distraction Lindon I determine when we did this data that most sightings driven, by population to a certain degree leisure, intemperate weather in other words down south while they, may not, have the huge populations in the in. In their states they do have a significant. Temperate, weather and that gives them a certain. Number of sightings you know and we've been able to, measure them we can. Measure the day is a week I'm any sightings but this fall off is. Is either complete. Distraction or an apathy factor I. Don't know what else to call it we'll get into some of the numbers at a minute before, we leave the the topic of news stories about you off oh related matters a tip tic TAC TSA bass all these, stories that have come spilling out you, are the UFO researcher of the year for two, thousand eighteen, congratulations I just want to get your. Take on all this stuff and these developments Well I'm glad it did. Come. Out in my compliments to pound alongs organization for helping get. It out there I talked to Lou Allesandro when the principal. Guy here running the program at the Pentagon for he retired I talked to him in late back late February now I had been at, the international UFO congress in February where I got the award and they had done a. Videotaped interview with him and I hit him scheduled to do an interview with me two. Weeks after, the conference and all the. Questions I probably would have asked was. Already. Asking three quarters of time he said I've got a security else I can't, talk, to, you about that. Okay so Linda and I put our heads together and because she's a research librarian she yes questions very. Differently, people do and she wrote my question thirty three questions out and I didn't get any of the security Answers back and I get. Straight. Answers and everything so I have a very interesting transcript it's still being transcripted, out, was, a long interview. But yeah act on Lou to be very cooperative he shared a lot of information he's for boasts hack It's hard to get a straight simple answer from him but. I I did get a really good interview with them. When did you say I'm going to. Print it I just haven't decided how to do, it might, get her with it and I'm not. Quite sure how we wanted to. Do this either so Well we've had him here. A couple, of times and I've interviewed him for television a. Couple of times got a story coming out this? Week based on a recent one some new stuff with him but he is careful I mean that's that's the job always had is being. Careful For variety of reasons so he remains careful I. Don't think it'd be hard for him to change his spots, but he's working hard on trying to move the ball down the field and I'm. Hopeful, I'm hopeful we'll we'll see interesting one point in the conversation I had with. Him in my military background and then leader in aerospace I worked in what we'll call, threat evaluation type of work, and I was able. To have, a very substantive conversation with him in that regard We? Talked about that and I I, shared some data with them actually ended up asking me for a copy of our book they have. Their own database that they hit their government reporting sources but, because? Of comic posse Comitatus. Regulations they weren't really..

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