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I have no idea who she is what she did is it. It's terrible. What's going on? So they total full set. I know anything about her, and she's made his charge against others. And you know. To be careful because they're playing with very dangerous territory. And when they do that at it's happening, more and more. So there there's the bully threatening of course. In USA, USA us it's true that he has no idea who she is since predator sexual predator. Trump didn't know most of the women, he regularly attacked New York City. I mean I it is just we're so beyond normal, that this is not even paid story. Right. We are. And, and again, you know that big alibi women was, and then there's a picture immediately. Right. Even if you. Other women who attack then they didn't know really what before they factor them. I mean, this is not, you know, friends and people he dated either just total Rangers. He is physically attacked over the years. Yeah. So if that's your big alibis, that doesn't get you anywhere tweeted Huffington Post to find out that this story was not covered by any of the Sunday network. Does. And meanwhile, you said I repeat Juanita broaddrick was news for eighteen months. And as I said, even likes of Ken Starr, didn't find her credible. I mean it's just like I, you know, and we knew there was all this right wing, money fueling these attacks on Bill Clinton at the time, right? Yeah. Quick look at the Washington Post archive, I think they've done a hundred foot stories about Juanita Broderick over the year, you know, and, again the Huffington Post pointed out the Sunday network shows yesterday, Bill Clinton, every Sunday show would have been extended to our just for the non covered of an accusing him of sexual misconduct like that. I felt the point where we affected DC fry. I mean my guy, the New York Times reading the story in the book section. Yeah. Joke I saw him for was a columnist for. They tend his book. So they decided they should cover the sexual assault story in the, you know, rather than screaming everyday. How abnormal this is Eric. You're right. They just adjust to, you know, abnormal, this is an it's we've, I mean I, I love that there's concern on Twitter that I have access to you sooner than normal. Some sundays. Eric. Likley. I mean, the, the interview with from, I mean these Sunday shows are just broken the network. All that you get the booking and for your job ends. And that's really not out function. Function. Well, Eric, this is this is my my saving grace every Monday next week. No. Nineteen minutes after the hour, we roll along on the Stephanie Miller show. For these outrageous. The Stephanie Miller show. Thanks.

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