Santa Cruz, Mr. Trump, Iran discussed on KCBS Radio Afternoon News


Trump is echoing his secretary of state who put the blame squarely on Iran for explosion, the damage to foreign oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. He spoke to Fox News. And you know they did it because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn't explode and probably got essentially Iran written all over it at the Pentagon CBS's. Katherine Johnson says, not everyone agrees with the US assessment. Iranian officials have denied involvement in Iran's president told reporters his country is committed to regional peace. The Japanese company that owns one of the tankers also pushed back on the US assessment saying before the attack the Prusse off flying objects suggesting mines were not the cause of the attack the Pentagon's considering beefing up US forces in the Persian Gulf area by blaming Ron for the tanker attacks. Mr. Trump is keeping the heat on a country, he accuses of terrorism, but also invited to negotiate CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. Who CBS news time to thirty two needles washing up on the beach syringes on the streets, a few of the issues residents of Santa Cruz county, say they deal with KCBS. Jennifer Honda says that's why local leaders of announced plan. To dial up their needle exchange program on and around Santa Cruz main beach residents told KCBS, there's definitely a problem crazy guy with a needle in his arm passed out over there by the stairs, dirty needles sharing needles and whatnot. Yeah, let's give something healthy. So maybe they can be a little bit healthier in their lives and county officials obviously want that they voted to move forward with an advisory commission and more kiosks for needle disposal. We collect hundreds of thousands of needles in just the three kiosks that we have already Santa Cruz county supervisor John Leopold, when people initially here about exchanging needles, they think that we're contributing to the drug problem when there's been three decades of research that shows that this is an effective strategy for reducing the transmission of disease county is also considering expanding operational hours clinics in Santa Cruz, and watsonville in Santa Cruz..

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