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So it's not actually today if you're listening to it, but it's today in podcast land that Matt came out with a new operating system. Is that correct? So so that means all update sometime probably ten months now. This would be good to talk about because this won't be me imploring you and whoever else he's like me. So both their phones and their desktops are going to update with new for for phones and pads. It's Iowa, twelve, and for computers, it's MAC OS called Mojave Mojave fancy wait. Why do they name the IOS and not the operating system? Didn't they used to name the opportunism. The operate system has gone. They had for while it was all cats. Yeah. Why. And all that. And they started going with specific locations like Yosemite, capitain enlists Mojave now. I see. Sorry, the operating system Mojave, but the IRS is just give it twelve for the Mojave. It's the same Ruina will be more fun. Just started both did something really ridiculous. Like categories of, it'd be like. Nuclear's. Yeah. Seeing like biologicals weird, weird, criolla colors or something. But when I was in graduate school, actually, they named. So you have these big server farms, kind of that our whole bunch of different computers hold on your data. If you do stuff like MRI and we had one that was all dead scientists that was one of them. And then one of the other ones was all DJ's. Nine thousand nine hundred New York City. Yeah, that's pretty great. So apart from the name, what's cool about this thing? Couple of things I think will make a difference for pretty much everybody start with my holidays. This is for MAC, laptops and desktops to actually that was worth mentioning. I, it seems like they're a couple scandals where people were like, okay, apples making old phone slower, making their batteries, less efficient, right to try and compel you to upgrade. Generally not true phones of really complicated and all these devices are complicated. But in general, every update is bigger for security addressing like malware, stuff like that. That might come through. We talked earlier about black hats. So grey hats who all the colors of hats who find all the problems and openings and tell companies like apple Bennett. Yeah. So white hats, helping apple all these different companies guard against these kinds of things. But besides that one major went, so if you know anybody who has like crazy, messy desktop on the macro, like people just dump everything on it stresses me out so much kills me. So this new futures called stacks. So what you do is you when you turn on everything on your desktop gets organized into images, PDF's folders or whatever. So you get like maybe five or six piles of things that you can just navigate through their takes everything from being just scattered everywhere that for you? Correct? Yeah. And do you choose to let it do that for you, or does it just do that? You can turn it off and you can tell if you want to buy filed last updated Sophos updates. Now. Settings or something. Yeah, you go to across when you're on the finder like you just looking at your out those things across the top. You'll find a tab for where you can check a box that says, you stacks, okay, organize into stacks. So they'll take care of that. The other small item to which I think is kind of hope happens Moore's the default desktop picture for it. How does really killer like stock art for their background paper one for this is this like ridge in the Mojave desert as the day goes on, like sun changes position in like shadows change. It looks like it's actually progressing the day. It's complete novelty, but I think that's kind of does the light change. Channels with the time of the day. Okay. Because that's good. We'll talk about this on a future podcast, but I'm doing a story about circadian rhythms and how light is it's very important. So for tiger for suffered their circadian rhythm to get that shot up for days all day, twenty hours. Speaking of that, actually maybe of relevance to there's a most famous one features, dark mode. So everything that was like silver white will be kind of muted and more stealthy looking is that..

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