Insurance Company, Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare discussed on WDRC



J there's freedoms a you should be able to to have freedom of speech should be limited for people we think it should be limited dove of from uh every you know your your speech should be controlled the car you drive should be controlled the food you we should be controlled they're very much into an intrusive government republicans on the other hand had become the party that has four big government but not an intrusive government they believe that you can of a big government who takes care of you and then it never leads to a intrusive government now we have to wonder who actually has the biggest fantasy and living the biggest fantasy of that put at this particular point great if you believe that you could have a big government yet not an intrusive government oval what we've been saying that for the longest time the most perfect example is what they came out with yesterday the individual mandate gone that's an intrusive policy the government you must have it uh the employer mandate that's gone uh uh again that's viewed as in truce have by republicans the taxes all the taxes on obamacare have been repeal again that's an intrusion it's taxes the benefits well the benefits basically stay the same in fact we're going to put more subsidies in there and actually give subsidies now to the insurance company that we actually fought against the last couple of years in court to find them illegal now we wish to make them legal i understand why jonathan gruber saying this is no longer in obamacare repeal.

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