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Desire marlon brando classic that's a by that's absolutely one of the famous movie lines of all time sure whatever i'm ready that number nineteen i'm ready for my cluster yeah that's norma desmond that's boulevard that is it that's what number number nineteen yeah there's people over the age of sixty listening to us right now saying there's no way that's only number that's one of the great final lines and cinematic history if it so i'm going to sell because it belongs to probably that end i get by on the kindness of strangers which is vivian lees character in a streetcar named desire from gone with the wind fame i both of those should be higher actually those are two of the most famous movie lines ever so number eighteen sid for secondary actually thought you were going to eat me diego i don't eat junk food that's from ice age two thousand two i think we're tapping i think we're done here thank you number seventeen you're going lead they don't really i think we're done we ice age two is one of the top teen by temple diego i thought we were going door the explorer doing i thought we were doing the princess bride and i'm like that's the princess bride line we chose i don't know number fifteen i'm king of the world i'm i'm okay number fourteen in switzerland they had brotherly love five hundred years of democracy and peace and what did that produce the cuckoo clock from harry lime clay by orson welles and the third man i.

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