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Very lengthy checklist or her we created an action plan. Honestly, when she did get this plan, and I prefaced it with sit down have a glass of wine because we're going to help you navigate this unseemingly impossible task she had ahead of her. Because again, she had lost her husband. She was so she's single. She owns her own home. She wants to relocate this is overwhelming to someone that is doing this on their own. So putting together a checklist, but knowing that she had a partner that you guys. I never expected you to help me go through all of these different things. I thought y'all just handled my investments, and that was the deciding factor in why it was that. I know that she selected us is because we understood her needs, and we were gonna we assured her, and we were there every single step of the way. I mean when she. She found this new home, and she told me, Victoria. I just don't think I can afford this. And I was so happy to to hurt. Yes. Jane, we can let me show you how this is gonna work, and we put together a plan and she had confidence knowing because we brought in the right partners for her to show her how to make sure all of this happened, and it happened like clockwork in every single piece of this puzzle. Well, we all prayed around here about it. Because it was so time sensitivity was okay. This has got to happen. And then immediately this has got to happen, and this has got to happen. So this over here has to happen. So this can happen. And and here's the things that it was a full team effort. I mean when when you had to go out of town on business or something Shelley, and I were back you're making sure that okay? We got the people on the other side the need this. And, you know, everybody even the dog, you need the money, they need when they it's kind of like minorities, I going on the way I the way I look at it is this, you know, think of yourself as maybe you're no Kalma city thunder fan. Okay. Most of our most of you listening. Probably are okay. And then. One day you wake up in the morning, and you hear oh such and such player has joined the thunder or Russell Westbrook has just signed an extension to be with the thunder. And you think oh, wow. That was cool. What you don't know is that for weeks behind the scenes there have been phone calls and emails in secret meetings. And all this stuff has been going on strategy make this happen to make it. So that you wake up one day, and you open the Oklahoma and you read. And that's what our clients are like, wow. What's what's been going on where you people been doing behind my back? It's like it's been all for you, baby. And they're reminds me of a story where we're story that we're working on right now for a client in that is about we just sent these two different parties emails about this is what's been going on on your behalf because people don't realize an and we do our best here to communicate what's going on. So that everybody feels like, oh, it's happening. I just don't see it because I've got this whole huge team of people. And this one lady we met with this last week lovely woman. And she said really, I thought there was just the two of you. And we started telling oh, Honey, we just don't want to meet with the whole team. There's hundreds of people there are people in LA. There's people in New York, California in New York in Houston. And now there's a team of people that we have in the way the world works right now is that you don't have to sit in a room and trust me. Me. You don't want to talk to them. All you want the go-to person. Like, I go to you. And I want you to tell me what everybody's doing. We told her we can pullbacks occurs. And if you'd like to.

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