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This is NPR news WNYC is supported by city national bank whose new Manhattan west branch is now open in the Hudson yards city nationals relationship managers are still committed to getting to know each individual client personally to understand their goals More at CNB dot com An unsolved murder a suburban cul de sac a mess of an investigation I'm Nancy Solomon For two years I've been trying to find out what happened to John and Joyce Sheridan political insiders connected to several former governors A series they're putting out there what happened It murders suicide This was just not the John and Joyce any of us knew Dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery from WNYC studios Listen wherever you get podcasts It's morning edition on WNYC film prize junior is the name of the south's largest student film festival open to contestants 11 to 18 years old this year it's awarding two grand prize honors to two middle and high school students in New Mexico We'll get the latest coming up at about 15 minutes It's chilly this morning 47 out there with some clouds as well We're going up to the mid 60s almost near 70 today sunny and breezy with the high of 67 and then tonight.

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