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Is your host ralph burns and this is episode three hundred and twenty three. And i'm really excited because it's just mean qassams so low this week no gas. Nobody distract us. Nobody to argue is maybe. We'll just have to argue amongst ourselves instead. Pick a fight amongst ourselves because today's topic is something that's near and dear to both of our hearts here is. We're gonna be talking about how to pick the right marketing agency now before you say. Oh my god ralph. Let's so serving. Yeah you run to your eleven and costume run solutions eight. Will you know half of the listeners. If not more people that are actually looking to grow their business and usually do that by either doing it internally so you can certainly take a lot of the stuff here ply that to your internal team or if you've got an agency right now that's running traffic for your running your marketing or maybe you're looking for another one. I think there's going to be important points here and we will try not to be as self serving as humanly possible educational as we always are here on perpetual traffic. But you know we to reliance experience within our own agencies so having said that qasim Great to have you back. I know you on vacation last week. A well deserved vacation for us to be talking a google marketing facebook social media agency stuff today. Yeah i'm excited to be here and to the point you just made. I think that this topic is critically important for businesses on a growth path because my experiences everybody makes an. I'm no different by the way everybody makes the wrong first choice. You always universe agency always. That's just it's like it's like an entrepreneurial rite of passage and so if there's anybody out there that we can either say from making that decision or at least help. Soften the blow. Yeah i think that this is going to be where the conversation. Yeah and i'm gonna go out on a real limb here and piss off a lot of listeners but a lot of agencies really suck they really do go out on a limb there at all ralph. I feel like that's just. Yeah so all right..

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