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He said of course she didn't he can't act. I. It's amazing. They were just completely opposite. The way they approached roles you know Robert Mitchum kind of I think learned his lines and did it I think Marlon Brando. Worked had worked on the part. I don't know you know 'cause I've been around Brando what he's actually working park but I thought that was that was very amazing that he's he would say that Robert Rob of Marlon Brando can act. that. Okay. All right. What am I going to say? It's got me wondering. What actors did you use to like to watch when you were growing up that you tried to emulate near career? Well, I've always admired some of the rather they're not necessarily movie movie stars although I enjoyed Marlon Brando especially in the parts like on the Waterfront in the Wild Wild Streetcar there's some of the other parts he did I wasn't necessarily crazy about him I also very much liked Geraldine page who didn't really have that much of a movie career but I thought she was very flying actress Ruth Gordon. I really enjoyed with Gordon certainly Orson Welles. very very Mentioned it to Orson Welles and I mean I you know if I thought about it, I probably would probably. Come. Up with several more. But those are the ones that the moment that stand out in my mind. So at the also ask one other movie that you did that's one from nineteen eighty-three called. Stacy's Knights and that was the direct to`real debut of Jim Wilson and was also one of the earliest films for Kevin Costner in. And Jim Devon Force going to work together on many big hits like dances with wolves the postman bodyguard, Wyatt? Urp? You remember about working with Kevin Costner and Wilson. All right well. I never actually worked with Kevin because you know your show up on such different times time I, got to buy part I'm pretty sure that Kevin had already left or hadn't shown up yet whatever. what what I do remember about it is originally I thought. Well, this script is interesting it could possibly go somewhere. You know do well I thought to myself it just had that kind of thing about it. and I had a pretty good part in it. and then so I did it and then one day this is quite a few years ago I got a call from one of my daughters say Garth, you're on TV with Kevin Costner I said, no your mistake 'cause I didn't know that was Kevin Costner I said that you're a mistake and I never did it feel Kevin coster. Knows you chew you're on TV now. So what had happened is Kevin, has been nominated for Kademi Ward for with wolves and they were showing anything and everything that he had ever done apparently over and over and over again you know because of that and it was Stacy's Knights. So that's what I basically remember about it. I have seen it I I remember being being in Reno is where we did it and I've never been in a gambling town before fascinated by this quite often in the casino we were they're very late at night. because they didn't want to disturb the clients too much and the fellow who we did it in a place the film at a place called makes money tree which I believe is what out of business but they were having financial trouble in. And the fellow who took over the management of it for some reason or other decided that I was a movie star. and He he treated me royally I mean he would. He would buy me dinner. He would get me tickets to shows. You know free with dinner. That's not enough. Yeah I was just amazing. Yeah they're all I should've caught on with Kevin. You know he's WanNa became a movie star Yeah Yeah. It's amazing. We have mentioned your wife a few times and I'd like to actually hear it a little bit more about you and her hockey tell us who she was and how you guys met. Yeah. I was belong to a theater groups no longer exist on Quango Boulevard in. Hollywood or maybe slightly in the valley and She was a member there. and. It was a small little theatre maybe thirty or forty seats and she was sitting in the front row and above the stage was a large clock. which was accurate. It was you know within a few minutes anyways ticking away. And I never really approached her because I thought she is good look at. Pick up anybody she wants. So. Here's this clock pride above her. And I'm sitting right behind her. She turns to me and she says, do you know what time it is? Yeah. She excuse to talk to me. So, we we went out you know Etcetera Etcetera I was married at the time. but I really re but it was I was my first wife I've felt and I have a daughter in New York City by her I've felt my first wife was rather negative. About people about life. and. I thought to myself. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life with a person who has negative leanings. You know there's always down down down on things. And I I was first name was Jaclyn and her last name that under was male and as a model I believe. Jacquelyn Ford. But anyways Jacqueline was One Hell of a lot of fun could be where one hell of a lot of fun and So yeah, I left my first wife for Jacqueline you know. I mean she she is was a very, very unique person very entertaining. Very entertaining. Did you do any TV series or films together? You know actually we didn't know it at the time that we met, but we were on the same episode of the invaders. Right now. Right before star Trek. Yeah. She opens the show I believe the very first shot is of her and then I think play a doctor or something later in the show you know. So aside from acting, I also read that you started to become a professional photographer and I think the client I'm most curious to hear about is when you worked for playboy and Penthouse you tell us a little bit about that well at the time we did vixen of course and for Meyer of course, was a photographer during the Second World War maybe a cinematographer I'm not sure what he was doing. But anyway, he was a very low budget film vixen was a very low budget film which became very popular and he made a lot of money at but he said to me, you know Garth I guess I'd already was interested dockery. Why don't you do the sills on the show and with the rights to them but I'm not GonNa pay you for doing it. I said, okay fine. You know. So I didn't think much about it. Of course, they ran a whole spread in Penthouse magazine of some of the shots I took you know either the second or third or first issue pin house. And then later on playboy wanted to know if I had any. Photographs of Erica Gavin who played vixen and I said, no..

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