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I don't know that's the legacy i i've got twenty eight years almost as the prosecutor in saint louis county and i'm very comfortable with the overall twenty eight years later there there was some rough spots in there and you know we we always did what we think was the right thing to do unto based on the evidence in the law and as long as i do that i'll leave the legacy and to the historian leave it to the to the whatever those guys bloggers say what you want you know that's that's but i'm very comfortable with what we've done over the years and there have been some many disappointments you know we have unsolved child murders which are we keep working on those cases and other cases that run solve their heartbreaking in that that i suspect when i do retire will be the only real regret that i have that we weren't able to resolve that at least bring some measure of comfort to the families in those cases but but i want assure them and do that you know we'll keep we'll keep plugging away on it as do the police who who handle those cases bob i've enjoyed the conversation so much thank you so much for coming in pleasure so there it is our conversation with saint louis county prosecutor turney bob mcculloch i always welcome your feedback and i'm sure many people will have many thoughts on what he had to say you are welcome to send me your thoughts at t mckernan at inside us t l dot com tmc k e r n a n at inside t all that calm and we welcome you reviews of the tim kernan show.

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