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Did. I really curious but Yeah who knows? And if he hadn't everyone come on her show totally. Have you on our show canceled? Get canceled while trying to find the tweet now. I couldn't get all right all right. Move onto our next door next story at a preliminary hearing to establish evidence in the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. A federal judge dismissed all charges after the revelation that he was not a democrat. That's good for him. Yeah Sometimes there's like you need like a lot of evidence and then there's somebody who's been fish and then all other times you don't need a lot of 'cause we did this that he was not a Republican. Did I say wrong? He is a Democrat. I'm GONNA take that. I might have taken the joke. Not Work at all. That was like crickets headline not this or not. Yeah I think about it for a long time. Does that make sense? Because I can't think through. The negative is a Democrat is a Democrat. Got It yeah. Anyway you guys get the joke. You GotTa think some of these people that have been put behind bars for this kind of stuff like Weinstein Epstein. They probably realized too late. If I told the judge they just got up there and said woman. I'm a Democrat. Oh I'm sorry for office as a Democrat so I'm sorry Sir right this way. And they would just free right on the spot. So it's a bummer. That they did. Yeah I mean it's so like to watch what happened with cavenaugh that was definitely very opening and then to see this like it's just the exposition's it's so like in your face that This.

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