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Hi i'm greg poulsen and this is cults today we're going to take a deep dive into the life of an hamilton burn and the most disturbing new age group in australia's history the great white brotherhood of initiates and masters aka the family i'm here with my co host vanessa richardson hi everyone today in part one of our twopart episode we'll focus on hamilton burn herself her life her psyche and how she turned from a trouble child into one of the most notorious female cult leaders in history in part to all broaden our focus from an hamilton burned to the cult she founded known as the great white brotherhood of initiates and master's or simply the family will learn about the different members of this cult and the tactics hamilton burn used to transform ordinary people from lawabiding professionals into abuse of monsters the great white brotherhood of initiates and masters was started by an hamilton burn in 1963 and operated from its bases in lake yielded an and the dandenong ranges outside of melbourne australia until the early 1990s the people who follow to end hamilton burn believed she was the reincarnation of jesus christ and female form returned to liege humanity back from the brink after coming apocalypse she is one of only a few female cult leaders but kerr influence was no less powerful than their male counterparts.

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