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Criminals are heroes. The young people who are looking at this who are internalizing these messages say, Oh, the guy who points the gun at the cop he's the good guy, the cop who points the gun back and shoots the guy with the gun. He's the bad guy. So the one guy who stands for fair law application to all of us, he's bad. The thug who just wants to shoot people and take whatever other people have worked for. He's the hero. Joe. Mil- I'm sorry John Lonski is on the phone is the president of the Walla Tosa. Peace Officers Association, talk about the case of Joseph. Mensah. Welcome to the program. Let's start there John I. Know that's not specifically about the case and the way the city of Walla Tosa has behaved, which is appalling. But as a police officer when you see this nonstop, the COP is always the bad guy. The thug is always the good guy doesn't that probably translate to a lot more thugs. Does the Vicki year year correct and you know it's disheartening and and honestly it hurts when you talk to a lot of law enforcement officers who has spent the greater part of their life in career looking out for members of their community to suddenly be the bad guys. and. Now we've got officer Mensah who was in a conference I know you can't speak specifically about the case, but we can just say general he was in a confrontation with a suspect who had a gun pointed at the officer the officer shot the suspect with the gun. This is under investigation. The investigation has not yet been completed and this police officer somehow has become. The target does your of the people who WanNa flip the script on who should be the heroes and who should be the enemies, and so this guy has experienced tax at his own home on his girlfriend. Personal. Attacks himself the mayor members of the city council have put out information that is designed to to bias the public opinion against this officer. And you know I mean. It doesn't seem like there's a at least in terms of media. There's there's a big interest in pointing out the fallacies of what has been going on and the bizarre flip script on all of this. You're correct although I don't get a starting to gain more attention. So, so Let's let's start with the mayor the mayor just recently. Mary McBride just, recently. Put out a statement claiming that he had experts tell him that no police officer had ever been involved in three fatal officer involved shootings before that he claimed that it's not true and refuses to identify his experts but this is now information that is being. Promoted in an official capacity by the leader of the city, and that can only have the effect of making people think that this officer did something. Awful. Lot of people who may be on the law enforcement community aren't aware of a number of the other officer involved shootings. Around the country and so when that misinformation is out admittedly the public in discredits the character of the individual. Officer. So, you've asked the mayor to retract that statement. His response was basically I don't want to quibble over quote factual disagreements. You know it's not a factual disagreement that information to claim that this is something unusual and it's not that an officer was involved in multiple officer involved shootings. Leaving that out, there is to suggest that this officer did something wrong. Here's something else that does it influences the investigation hasn't been completed yet. Crack in pointed out other instances in which officers have been involved in three or more fatal shootings. That this is not as unique as the public is being led to believe. And we just tried remain focused on the fact, which is how you have to look at an individual officer involved shooting. Two of two of the three have already been investigated. He was found to not have committed a crime or violated policy or acted on toured or unusually. The third one again has investigation that has not been completed has been hanging out there for months and months presumably hung up by the political. Circus that has been that has been forced forced on it. So when do you expect to have something in the way of a determination of the latest officer involved shooting? Again, you take a look at it in on its face it looks like a pretty easy case to decide. Why they keep that there is An overwhelming amount of information related to an investigation with an officer involved shooting, and so the District Attorney does want to do due diligence and thoroughly go over every detail and all that information. So understandably, it does take them a long time. They don't issue decisions immediately because again, they're not making their decision based on emotion they're looking at the facts. All right. So we're still waiting for the ultimate determination on an officer, Meneses involvement. Meanwhile, what has been going on is you have elected state representatives you members of the was why would host the city council? You have people who have nothing to do with wallet toasts in a group called the People's Revolution. You have organized attacks on this officer's home you have organized harassment of this officer on a regular on a fairly routine basis. and. All this again is designed to make it seem that the police the police is the bad guy. The COP is the bad guy nobody is talking about the suspect who had pointed a gun at the police officer nobody is even bringing that up. But here you've got now what seems to be a I guess a movement that has a life of its own and official rubber-stamping by the mayor of while we're Tosa at least one older person from Wa Tosa and at least one state representative if not to. A. You'll be involvement of that and sort of. With a committee within our city. Makes it even more difficult and unsettling situated? The People's Revolution is a group. It's a it's a radical group. It's you can go. You can go find their facebook page if you'd like to they took a few shots at me. Not Terribly effective. But when they do.

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