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To rebel there's a problem wait a minute to reverse the replay there must be clear uncontroversial prague heard of evidence that the ruling of the field was wrong in other words you have to be served each time to talk to former nfl vp of officiating mike pereira now here's gary and larry are leaning on his rightful gets the shots them sets pressure coming car it's a trouble he loots the rush car hawks car other rock car to the five diabetic but a pylon authorites sidelined had he is out of balance the ball popped out to sabotage customary is it a touch back the ball came out did it go through the end four at touch back if it did the gave will be over through the end zone and on an village crowded building on appeal the todd's darrelle revis while pulling the ball through the end zone for a touch back and the cowboys are going to deal with it twenty two seven t they could run out the clock by dole warming views framed i'm not happy with the way things were done a lot of different situations throughout the night they did the best they could i had a different viewpoint i saw air i was pretty obvious um made they do invest that came with the tough job let's check tell real talked about the officiating last night the raiders lose the cowboys 2017 i haven't been happy with you jack how about that said he added or next jazz on the vice president of officiating mike pereira mike thank you for joining us another use the talking to gerry larry but we are highly on by god this is a welcome relief for are you going to stay on for a couple of weeks maybe through the playoffs one day mud maybe ought to take over monday's i like that that's a great idea iso michael that we're just gonna do for you negotiated reveillard mike were your thoughts last night watching the cowboy raider game there's a.

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