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Cool start to this wednesday will be a sunny afternoon with a high of seventy one aim clear tonight the low near fifty i'm meteorologist jeff marr from the weather channel on wmal right now thirty three and stafford thirty nine a gave is 47 degrees in washington two officers were fired two more or suspended an airline passenger data the incident seen the video wmal dot com abdul thompson on by point on fm and am six thirty washington's mall wmal now washington morning some am six thirty good morning the tiffany drummed brings us and we're going to coming up this morning cal thomas 635 eight five cancun anneli joins us and then at eight fifteen but tanic colonel shave all land mornings on all bits donna vaughan side mary walter good morning vince hey guess what if elves in the news of course health is in the news and there there's a businessman in florida four exit leicester's here at the end up in florida a guy named terry smiley he's a small business owner in florida and he hired a plane to fly over ever bank field for almost two hours when the jagua ars were playing the los angeles rams on sunday the jacksonville jaguars end of the danner said be american boycott the jags and the nfl and he he he went up on fox news business the is this channel in an interview and he said he was disgusted when jaguars players protested the anthem before a game in london but then stood for god save the queen and we talked about that in some of these places what they're doing when they go over seize their kneeling during our our national anthem and then standing for the british national anthem for having saved the quaint makes sense to me hey and for the country we broke away from this fine yet there well you don't think they actually knew that do you do you seriously think they know that fatah revolution is so he told elizabeth miss mcdonald i think something could have been done early about the protest it wasn't and now it's an epidemic if they're going to continue to protest i'm going to continue.

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