President Trump, President Michael Cohen, Congressman Clay Hagan discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Congressman clay Hagan says he knows why President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen is testifying today. This is an attempt to and you're up president lay some sort of soft cornerstone for future impeachment proceedings. This is the full intent of the majority Republicans as well as President Trump had been calling Cohen a liar. He was convicted of lying to congress in the mix lying for Mr. Trump was normalized, and no one around him questioned it in fairness, no one around him today questions. If either Cohen says Donald Trump knew ahead of time and embrace the news when toll WikiLeaks had emails damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign Cohen was asked this by Florida Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, would he have the potential to cooperate or collude with foreign power to win the presidency at all costs. Yes. Cohen also suggested Trump also told him a lie about a Russia real estate project our negotiations continued for months later during the campaign. President Michael Cohen called President Trump a racist a con man and a cheat North Carolina Republican Mark meadows questioned one of those descriptions, I've not heard one time a racist comment out of out of his mouth in private. So how do you reconcile it? Do you have proof of those conversations? I would ask you tape recordings of those conversations. No, sir. Well, you've taped everybody else. Not true. So and said at one point per prosecutors in New York are investigating conversations Trump or his advisers had with him after his hotel room was rated for documents by the FBI blowing and drifting snow in eastern Washington closed several highways. Farther south heavy rain has set off severe flooding in northern California in gern, Phil. And Monte Rio. This is AP radio news. At the North Korea summit some reporters were barred from covering the dinner tonight between President Trump and Kim Jong on because they asked the president questions earlier. One of those reporters is the AP's Jonathan Lemaire after press secretary Sanders informed, the press the reporters that we will not be allowed in. We obviously protest.

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