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Shield P. Jeannie from future fire liabilities if they make significant safety improvements for more we're joined now on the KCBS ring central news line by Jack Pitney professor of American politics at Claremont McKenna college thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us so it this is this put new sim in a pretty tough spot was he getting any significant pressure from either lawmakers victims or shareholders or others to approve this plan hello well the problem is if there is a hold up in the process of people who we're going to participate in the settlement will have a delay in getting our money so you have pressure on that side on the other side RPG is spectacularly on popular throughout the state of California so he got pressure on the other side of will they be able to work something out perhaps but their strong feelings on both all right so what's next well worth sixty the company is will probably have to go back to the drawing board come up with a reorganization plan and hopes that will meet the governors' objections one of the governor's top objections with the composition of the board of directors he said that the board of directors as it's currently structured is exactly what got the trouble of the company to trouble with the safety problems in the financial stability and he's demanding are much tougher steps in that regard as you mention P. Jeannie is very unpopular is there anybody in P. genies corner our world not the company itself there's again the people who are looking forward to participating in the settlement want to get it over with but as far as the company itself it's a much Renee men cornered California anymore and in terms of service speaking the bigger the bigger picture of politics how bout P. genies pass campaign donations would anybody be taking campaign donations for the company can the company make campaign donations at this point with the bankruptcy filing are the lawyers will have something to say about that of course people associated with the company you're perfectly free to make our campaign donations however those donations are come with the increasing political costs Gavin Newsom is under fire graphic take it because our contributions in the past I suspect he's not gonna be taking any contributions from completing creek years in the future and to that end how did we get here with us and we we we know how we got here with P. Jeannie being the position that it's in but how did we get here with politicians who maybe fell asleep at the wheel a few years ago or several decades ago maintenance is not sexy maintenance doesn't get applause maintenance using a rally cry are at a political event call but that's what it really came down to and politicians want watching again we have a term limited legislature back and the days when well just later served decades they could pay attention to such things are not so much the case anymore and what would be a viable alternative to P. Jeannie well there's been talk about a public utility there is support for that but again also opposition people would have said that public utilities that have problems of their own so we're going to be seeing discussion and we are the future about the basic structure of how this should work whether it should be a private heavily regulated company or a public utility all right well we thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us an offer your expertise Jack Pitney is a professor of American politics at Claremont McKenna.

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