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First free throw for westbrook is good you'll have one more second one is on the way and that what is good nugget leaders at six sixty eight to sixty two jabbar murray has it top of the holyoke a chance of back over jamal through the window on the pick and roll yokich teardrop in the paint is up in nicely done never back in the lead by eight seventy two sixty two paul george has at the three point line eight throws back behind him over to mellow mellow throws left side to brewer cuts against the grain stops the elbow can't get past you all murray back out on top to mellow with ten on the shock lot mellow gets a high pick from adams denver shows hard on the pick and roll in the corner brewer three jumpers though good rebound comes down to wilson chandler outlet pass over the wheel barton has it on the high right side over to nicole yoke and she gets into jamal murray murray jumped past barton barton back over to jamal to malls got the center adams on it that means yoga's being guarded by westbrook beat him badly off the dribble the floaters up in ten point lead again for denver seventy two to sixty two westbrook has it on the high left side got it out there by barton throws back behind him to mellow back over to westbrook westbrook's back to mellow on the elbow one on one with will barton that's a mismatch mellow turnaround jumper in the paint no good rebound down in a co yokich for denver that's his eighth outlet pass the half court line that barton barton garner by westbrook shovel pass on top yokich steps into a three nothing but nets denver's out to a thirteen point lead their big lead of the night jokers got seventeen in the game quiet here in oklahoma city in the building westbrook chasm between the rings throws it over to mellow back over to westbrook westbrook's puts it on the floor drives right down the lane no good won't go on the put back by adams rebound down to wilson chandler we'll billy donovan call another time out of the nuggets score here back door cut down to paul millsap bill sap double team now they peel away millsap one on one with belo throws back behind him to barton over.

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