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Right, bigger companies time, six fourteen. Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the floor is in marina. We're looking at this problem on state route eighteen with those two jackknifed semi is involved in a collision, and it looks like that's not going anywhere anytime soon. No. I really isn't. It's eastbound highway eighteen so all eastbound lanes both eastbound lanes of highway eighteen approaching Renton maple valley highway completely blocked. They do have the tow trucks on the scene. They are going to try to clear, but as you can imagine it's gonna take some time. We have solid traffic from two fortieth over to that scene. If you're able to exit highway eighteen I would I would highly recommend it if you can exit at two fortieth if at all possible, we have some other issues on the roadways as well as you can imagine because it is quite dicey in many areas, we have a collision in Sumner northbound one six seventy or the west valley highway east. We also have it looks like in Bellevue now northbound four zero five at five twentieth. Stalled vehicles partially blocking the ramp to eastbound five twenty. Eighteen we have in Seattle. Southbound I five is going to be slow. It's been slow everywhere. But it's particularly slow because of an earlier blocking problem at Ravenna and many of the side roads. Now, they're starting to close some side roads because of the inability to get certain trucks through there, like the salting trucks and some of the trucks that they're able to snow plow. So just take it easy through your neighborhood. Your this look at traffic is brought to you by Staples. Have everything you need to run your business like a boss and right during Staple's cherry events, you can save up to forty percent on a huge selection of chairs for your home or office. Staples your next, KOMO traffic at six twenty four magic KOMO.

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