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The theaters your tickets now take the mustache rise uber uber's two under seventy without bearing game plays here on six eight san francisco humulus station stay tuned for the post game wrap with crew cab miller and fleming on knb are six eighty ninthinning anaheim giants with an eight to one li got several changes for the angels luke barda right hander is into pitch he is the fifth pitcher of the game for the angels he was the starter then bedrosian like parker and noyer ramirez each pitched in inning and now luke bar takes over martigues stays in it i the angels also take trout of the game bard's verse pitch goes to the backstop spiked to fastball on the dirt bard is pitched seven times he's got five nine one earned run average given a four home runs intended twothirds innings facing kelvin tomlinson here ball one and now the one opaque which is off the outside too chris young veteran we've seen a lot of chris young over the years the national league west he's now in center field for the angels in place of mike trout the two oh bitch tomlinson hits one foul giants do have a pitcher up in the bullpen i think that's josh osage sometimes it's hard to see into the angels bullpens here and it is two one is a half swing but tomlinson went around each of slider two and two so that would tell me if he's warming up that appears johnson will just work the one inning and osage is gonna come into this game race maranto went to very impressive innings never allowed a base runner johnson gave up the homerun to mike trout here's a swing a little tapper first bayside marta overdue is right to fielded he'll feed to barred covering and he gets there just add tomlinson who is retired for the first time in this game one out with the top of the line of boston jackson coming up eight to one giants a six run fifth inning biggest inning of the year for the giants offensively to different home runs in that inning mac williams's two run shot andrew mccutchen threerun homer.

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