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And that's next time on the takeaway weekday afternoons at three on 93.9 FM. W. N. Y. C is supported by Geico insurance celebrating over 75 years of providing auto insurance for drivers across America. Geico can also help ensure motorcycles, RVs, homes and more. Maura Geico dot com or 1. 809 47 Auto Bowery Residents Committee Every day BRC is on the front lines of the streets and subways of New York City. Helping vulnerable New Yorkers find their path from homelessness to home. More info at BRC Dog Rossman orthopedics, their new Midtown offices accessible by multiple forms of transportation to all of Manhattan. Now open at 6 45 Madison Avenue. Learn more at Rossman and why dot com Coming about noon on all of it. Alison Stewart speaks with Amanda Dell, the Jewish Food Societies program director, just in time for Hanukkah and host of the small See podcast, and they'll take your cost with your favorite Hanukkah recipes. Plus new music from singer songwriter Ray Zaragoza off her latest album, Woman in Color, Coming Up at Noon on 93.9 FM, am a 20 or ask your Smart Speaker to play. W N Y C, uh W N. Y c independent journalism in the public interest, 93.9 FM and AM a 20 NPR News and the New York conversation. I am Laurent WN my C. Taking your phone calls on a second shop listener call in.

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