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If something i think about. But i i would probably lean towards yes but yes. You're actually you're asking questions. I would just i would give more thought to it but but i'm inclined to say yes and i'm sure that justice. Breyer will take that under advisement. Also a part she said that we have to rig the election processes from now and we can't just rely on winning elections anymore. She says especially if senate democrats are not going to pass reforms on hr one we cannot rely solely on on a wish of winning elections particularly in the senate When voting rights are under attack georgia arizona and texas across the country. And if we're not going to pass. Hr one with the preemptive clauses that roll some of that voter suppression attacks back. Yeah i believe that we should protect our supreme court and that that should absolutely be a consideration mean. We can't rely on winning elections anymore. It's probably better. If rolan rigging the destroyed strategy by which we vote in the first place meanwhile democratic governance in the city continues to be absolutely terrible statistics out of atlanta demonstrate massive in cases in homicides according to the atlanta journal constitution after historically deadly twenty twenty atlanta homicides are up nearly sixty percent in twenty twenty one it turns out. Radicalism has consequences. According to the atlanta journal constitution atlanta police have invested sixty four homicide cases in twenty twenty one a fifty percent increase over this time last year the surge follows a historically deadly twenty twenty when authorities investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most more than two decades mayor key chalance bottoms has referred to the spike in violence. Cova crimewave but the city's death toll continues to mount as more georgians get vaccinated and life returns to normal. He's wasn't a cough crimewave gang. It was a blm crimewave. Can we all know when the kremlin began. It wasn't with the beginning of covid. As of june atlanta's murders are up and shootings have increased by forty percents. According to the latest data meanwhile overall arrests down by about forty three percents as atlanta's police force remains more than four hundred officers under its authorized level. More than two hundred officers. Quit the force in two thousand twenty many. After criminal charges were filed against the two officers involved in the deadly shooting. Rayshard brooks and other officers. Who used their tasers onto college students. During last summer's protest downtown another seventy five atlanta. Police officers have left since the start of the year. Records show but department leaders say that morales stabilizing. They planned to hire two hundred fifty two officers in the next fiscal year beginning july. First except for how. That's not going to work at all because it turns out that when you take up radical grievances and destroy law enforcement community. It's very difficult to re staff. Dr karen sullivan fulton county. Medical examiner said her office conducts death examinations from cities across fulton. Most of the homicide victims they encounter are killed in atlanta remember miracle anthems was widely considered a final possibility for joe biden. Vp it and. She's presided over the mass murder increase. In her city anecdotally it seems as though the complexity of the homicides increasing solvent years ago the vast majority of homicide cases due to gunshot wounds. Were one maybe. Two rarely rarely three gunshot wounds now. It's quite common for people to have been shot ten or twelve times so things are going. Great in atlanta crime in atlanta has become central issue in this year's race for city hall especially after bottoms announced. She would not seek reelection in the fall. Some have called for buckhead residents to break away and form their own city state officials and started stepping in to address. It lands rising in crime. Homicides are up in many cities across the nation. Yeah critics believe atlanta has not done all. It could to stem the rise in violent crime. Many saw bottoms has slow response to the surgeon. Killings momentum was building opposition in november's election even before she dropped out of the race and this is happening a major cities across the country because the radicals are in control and now the democrats wished to extend that radicalism across the spectrum. Make no mistake. The doj policy pursued by the biden administration which is directed against police departments across the nation will result in fewer officers working result in less policing by the officers who work it will result in more crime. It's amazing how good intentions are for the left invariably paired with crappy results. Meanwhile you have the entire democratic party circulating around the idea. Now that they've come. The economy is falling apart right. I mean see that the economy is in serious trouble right now because we have something like nine million open jobs and three point. Five million people applying for those jobs on the three point five million jobs since the pandemic effectively ended and that is because of the data policy pushed by the biden administration and yet every day. We are going to double down. Every day. In fact now they're beginning to change their messaging. Got ezra klein over at the new york times he put out a piece today. Literally talking about how. It's good that we are paying people to stay out of the job market. It's good now. They're always going to move the goalposts. The goalposts used to look how many jobs were creating now. It's look how many jobs were not creating because you know if we pay people to stand with workforce then maybe will raise wages as a result. Good luck with all of this democrats. You break it. You bought it and you don't have to kick around anymore so certain point you're gonna have to start to govern. Good luck to you already. We'll be back here later today with an additional hour of content. In the meantime go check out. The michael knowles show. Today he discusses youtube censoring sitting. United states senator. You can hear more details about that story over on michaels show that is available right. This moment i'm ben shapiro. This.

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