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In one case a nine year old girl from lake forest was pulled into some bushes and raped while walking home from a store. The second case involved a jogger in mission. Viejo DNA was collected in the sketch shared with the media and the community. A suspect was never identify. See sheriff John Barnes says investigators recently decided to use a genealogy techniques similar to the one used in the Golden State killer case, and they got two matches twin brothers. Let us to these two individuals both with the same DNA profile through that we had he investigated to needs to figure out which one was the individual. And we're confident we have the right one. He says that man could now face one hundred twenty five years behind bars. And it's believed there could be other victims who haven't come forward. Yet Cooper Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. A former Pasadena employees convicted of. Embezzling millions of dollars from the city going to prison. The scam went on for more than a decade. Danny Wooten who worked in the Pasadena public. Works department has been sentenced to fourteen years behind bars. He's been ordered to pay close to three point seven million dollars in restitution, his co defendant, a contractor who got some of the stolen money has been sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay nine hundred thousand dollars restitution Pasadena mayor Terry tornado asked the judge to give both men a heavy penalty commensurate to the significant damage done to the city, these guys undercut the way people feel about government we'd lost confidence because of this embezzlement scandal, and it's taken us a long time to earn it back given the sentences handed down to our next set. He feels Justice has been done pets ta KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. One of the characters on a reality. Tv show. Ninety day. Fiance has been arrested in Vegas that accused of attacking her husband the show is about people who get US immigration visas while planning marriage in this case a. A Brazilian woman. Accused her new husband of attacking a police determined that. She was the primary aggressor she was arrested twice before in June in November on similar charges. But both cases were dismissed coming up in Wisconsin back with relatives her alleged kidnapper in custody more.

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